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Golden Rays

by MrEnigma 

Posted: 21 May 2003
Word Count: 118

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Golden rays lazy days, an uplifting haze

The universe is a maze, a myriad of ways, Truth pays

All is One under the sun, our time has come

Meditate to the drum, the magic has begun, second to none

Progressing forever disappearing into the ether

Investing in endeavour, not affected by the weather

This reality is weird, wisdom grows a beard

The spiritual being constantly expanding for eternity

Cowards fleeing, Vampires demanding, feeding off insecurity

Come into my den as I flow with the pen

Seeing is believing, laughter is soul relieving

Led by money isnít funny, seeking milk and honey

Mesmerised by hypnotic eyes, sizing up the prize

Enigmatic questions life poses, forgetting to smell the roses.

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Comments by other Members

Richard Brown at 18:00 on 13 August 2003  Report this post
Just come across this and read it a couple of times. I thought it was going to be primarily a word-play poem but it's more than that, quite metaphysical in fact. I liked the juxtaposition of the idea of the universe as a maze and; 'Truth pays/All is one under the sun' Further on, 'This reality is weird, wisdom grows a beard' made me smile. Enjoyable! Thank you.

bluesky3d at 18:09 on 13 August 2003  Report this post
Yes this is great .. I hadn't seen this before now either... amazing these things are hidden away in the archives, how do you find them Richard?
Mr Enigma please come back.
A :o)

MrEnigma at 18:03 on 14 August 2003  Report this post
Thanks to those who noticed my words and found time to comment. My work describes my thoughts and reactions to this thing called life. I never try to force my words to come out, they flow when the time is right.

Ellenna at 18:21 on 14 August 2003  Report this post
yes , I noticed this too and I agree about the flow.. it does come when the time is right.

great thoughts..

Ellie :)

bluesky3d at 19:27 on 14 August 2003  Report this post
Good to see you didn't give up at not receiving any comments and are still around, even though you posted this on 21 May.
Great stuff
Andrew :o)

paul53 [for I am he] at 14:27 on 02 March 2005  Report this post
I enjoyed it mate, but the spacing too great.

Two between line, when one is quite fine.

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