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A stunted dwarf called Love.

by laurafraser 

Posted: 02 September 2004
Word Count: 427

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I once heard that
Love is like a Buddha statue
in a ďsecret garden coming aliveĒ
Suddenly! He/it/whatever you want to call it
is there
and how unexpected,
how un-augumented.
How totally without any sense of I knew this was the way
How wonderfully, perfectly, totally and utterly a moment for hyperbole!
How decadent! and yet
I heard about the one who always feared it not so true.

You know the smile - you recognise it,
Youíve read about it - heard about it,
You even think youíve known it somewhere else before.
But not in this moment
and suddenly feeling confident is something you[/i[ are not
even slightly at all.
And then they smile and you think of course!
Itís special it feels magnificent and words seem so tawdry and tired
next to something that illuminates with a brilliance that makes ten thousand adjectives seem paltry compared to what you are feeling right now.

And they call it love and say oh how sweet that person looks
right now,
-except they havenít seen the objet díamour
because faceless is he
and so full of opinions are they
and yet, and yet come here my (your) my love
(are you really that)?
And face the ones Iíll never kiss,
because secretly your lips are the (only) ones that I want to press against
and yet I (you) I feel so scared
and your thigh the one that I (you) I dream about
(wrapped like an olive tree branch around me
-as if itís been there forever
and can never be taken away).

You make me think that thoughts donít need to happen.
You make me think that even if I were to scream pain bloated words
you being you would raise the corners of my mouth and
make me smile.

You make me smile.
You are my Buddha awakening.

(my Buddha awakening)

You are my 1929 Beaune Greves Laligant Chameroy Jadot.
You are my Buddha awakening after a Jadot slumber.
You are my slumber.
You are you are you are you are! You are! You are!
You are wordless
You deprive all these flimsy coated words of meaning
and catapult the feeling of ecstasy to a place where Mount Olympus is nought but a stunted dwarf
You are you
And that is why I love you
why I love you.
And why an ending shall never happen because of an aborted beginning
that you (as of yet) know nothing about.

And so the smile stopped,
Hearts continued to beat
And a man went to bed all alone.

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Comments by other Members

Fearless at 18:45 on 02 September 2004  Report this post

Excellent. Had an image in my mind's eyes of the narrator walking around a park or royal garden, gesticulating and narrating their way through this, in a talking head style. Some of the lyric reminded me a little of Nikki Giovanni.

Write on, Fearless

seanfarragher at 18:25 on 14 February 2005  Report this post
I felt the journey of this poem. I wanted to watch the writer move through the images as if they were actual. It is simply a fantastic voyage (ignore the movie allusion) but I fantastic because the images are larger than real. Your words are a soft boom box, -- that is they are gentle and penetrating at the same time. I am amazed by the quality of comments here at WW. I look forward to reading more poems.


I was disappointed that I could not respond to your note on my poem as you do not permit WW mail. I understand your desire for anonymity, but I wanted to share with you how much your comments hit home. It may very well be that my poem is in two parts as I can see a natural ending half way down. I will edit it. I would appreciate if you you would look at the change and see if the edits sustain the early energy to the end of the poem.

laurafraser at 15:13 on 16 February 2005  Report this post
sean-not aware that had blocked ww mail-will have a look at my profil-thank-you for that.
as for your comments on my poem-thank-you and for your brilliant compliment "soft boom box" i adored that and am highly flattered!
will have a look at your poem xlaura

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