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Super VG Adventure

by bsartist 

Posted: 14 November 2004
Word Count: 4006
Summary: This is a spec-script I wrote for Katbot. Katbot is a new Disney cartoon about a robotic cat-alien sent to Earth to study earthling 'tween'(ages 9-12) culture.

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[All is quiet. Then a spaceship bursts in from the left going very fast, swinging left and right and upside down, dodging lasers from a group of ships chasing it. Inside the cockpit is Katbot. We pull in closer on her and see that she is very distressed.]

KATBOT: Arrrghh! Leave me alone!

[Katbot uses a turbo burst, does a flip, and ends up behind her attackers. She hits a button for a special power-bomb, and all the ships explode at once.]

KATBOT: Haha! Take that!

[Close-up on Katbot. She smiles and closes her eyes. Then she opens them and is shocked by what she sees.]

KATBOT: Oh no!

[She looks out and sees a gigantic enemy ship approaching. It releases 20 more small-attack ships.]

KATBOT: I don’t have enough energy left for this!!!

[Katbot valiantly tries to dodge the incoming barrage but to no avail. Her ship is pounded by laser blasts.]

KATBOT: No! Not again! Aiieee!!
[Her ship catches fire and careens towards the big enemy ship and explodes into it. A ‘Game Over. Continue?’ prompt comes into view. The camera pulls back and we see that Katbot has just been playing a videogame. Katbot sits on the couch with Jr. in the Lebore living room]

KATBOT: Ugh, I’ll never get past this part!
JR.: Yeah, well, …StarKitty’s a tough game Kat. Maybe you should start with something easier…,like Provokemon Picture Day.
KATBOT: Wha?! What do you do in that?
JR.: You just walk around and take pictures of Provokemon’s.
KATBOT: Sounds lame.
JR.: Yeah, but it’s easy! [yawns] well, I’m going to bed Kat. How long you gonna keep playin?
KATBOT: I’ll just try one more time.
JR.: Alright. Good night Kat.
KATBOT: Night! [an explosion-she has died again.] Cripes! That doesn’t count!

+++++++++++++++++++++SECTION B "MEEW"

[Katbot sits at her desk and opens up her laptop. She clicks on an Icon of Meew’s head. It pops up. Katbot cat-laps up some milk while she waits for him to pick up. He picks up and his face appears. He has on a nightcap, and looks groggy.]
KATBOT: Hi, Professor Meew! Oops, I’m sorry! Did I wake you?
MEEW: As a matter of fact, yes, I was just taking a light 3 hour catnap. How may I help you Katbot?
KATBOT: Well, I just thought I’d call to tell you about my next report!
MEEW: Yes? Good, go on then. What’s it about?
KATBOT: Videogames! Human tweenagers love to play videogames!
MEEW: Yes, yes, sounds promising. [Yawn]
KATBOT: Tweens love to play videogames because they are so much fun! I am curious as to why they don’t just play them all the time!
MEEW: Yes that’s curious.
KATBOT: So, for my research, I will be doing just that!
MEEW: Yes, sounds good. Send it off to me when you’re done. [Yawn] Oh, and Katbot, please try and note the catnap schedule on Katatonia the next time you decide to call!
KATBOT: Oh! Sorry Professor! [he hangs up] What was I thinking?
[she climbs in her bed, and turns off the light.]

++++++++++++++++SECTION C "CLASSROOM"

[Mr. Funkel is explaining something on the chalkboard.]
FUNKEL: And that’s why nuclear fission is impossible. Any questions?
[Nobody raises their hand. They look pretty satisfied.]
FUNKEL: Ok. Moving on then, I want you all to prepare a short multimedia presentation on any subject you like for Friday. I just want to see that you can research a subject, and then deliver a report on it using multimedia tools. [Rocky raises his hand] Yes Rocky?
ROCKY: um…What’s ‘multimedia’ mean?
[the class laughs]
FUNKEL: Honestly Rocky! I don’t have time for your jokes today!
[the class giggles some more]
ROCKY: [mumbles] kay…I don’t know what it means though…
[The bell rings, there is a flash of smoke, and all the kids are gone]
FUNKEL: [doesn’t look surprised] Class dismissed!

+++++++++++++++SECTION CA "WALK HOME"

[Jr. and Rocky ride on their skateboards, Katbot walks.]
KATBOT: So, what are you guys doing your reports on?
JR: I’m doing mine on NMN, the best rapper of all time!
JR: The Slender Offender? The Scrawny Criminal?! The Bony Felon!?! C’mon Kat! I’ve told you about this guy before!
KATBOT: Oh…right. [obvious she doesn’t remember] How bout you Rocky? What’s your subject?
ROCKY: Skateboards! [He does a trick]
KATBOT: cool…
JR: What’s yours on Kat?
KATBOT: I’m gonna do mine on videogames! We don’t have them on Katatonia. They’re so much fun!
JR: Cool.
ROCKY: Yeah. Sounds cool…not as cool as skateboards though! [he does a trick and busts his ass. Kat and Jr. are unphased by this.]
KATBOT: Hey, you guys want to go race some go-carts?
BOTH: Awe-so-licious!
[They walk on. We see this from behind them. The camera pulls back a ways and we see Marcella Curd walking home by herself. She talks into her only friend; the videocamera.]
CURD: Captain’s Log, Stardate 3 O’clock, Marcella Curd here, in her continuing adventures to rid Smuckerville of the alien menace, Katerina Botenski! My plan: To capture proof of Katerina’s alien-ness on video, and then to show the entire class for my presentation! Once she is out of the way, I’ll get that hunk Jr. Lebore to notice me! [pulls out a picture of Jr.] Oh Jr.! Soon my love! Soon you will realize your love for me! [Smooches it]

++++++++++++++++SECTION D "SCHMARIO-CART"

[We see a hill, and a road that stretches down from it. Suddenly, Katbot comes flying over the top of the hill very fast, inside a go-cart. She thumps down onto the road and keeps going.]

[Right behind her come Jr. and Rocky doing the same thing. Up-close shot on Katbot’s face.]
KATBOT: Hahaha! You’ll never catch me in time now guys!!!
[Camera on Jr.]
JR.: We’ll see bout that Kat!
[From Jr.’s cart fires 3 red heat-seeking lobsters. They catch up with Kat’s cart, hit it, and she stops immediately.]
KATBOT: AAARRGGHH! No fair! [She looks upset in her car.]

[Now the race is just between Jr. and Rocky. Rocky is just a little behind Jr. In the distance the finish line can be seen. Rocky pulls up alongside Jr. and they stare each other down as they race towards the finish line.]

JR.: What you got Rock?
ROCKY: All you need………..right…HERE!
[Rocky swings his cart into Jr.’s, and vice versa. They both keep racing, it looks to be a dead heat.]
JR.: C’mon! C’MON! Bring it!

[Their carts slam into each other as the finish line approaches. Jr. takes a slight lead. Just as they are about to cross it, Dad Lebore comes out of nowhere in his own cart. His is flashing brightly, as he is using a Super-Schmario Tablet.]
[He rides over and squishes both Jr. and Rocky’s cars. Dad Lebore rides across the finish line by himself.]

JR.: Awww Dad!!!
ROCKY: Nice one, Mr. Lebore!

[We pull back and see the four of them sitting in the living room. Katbot, Jr., and Rocky sit on the couch, while Dad sits on the floor. He stands up.]

DAD: Thanks for letting me play kids! That was fun! [He smiles and leaves]
[The three sit there, Katbot still looks upset from losing.]
KATBOT: That wasn’t fair! I would have won that time for sure, if it!…
JR: Whoa!…relax Kat!…it’s just a game….
ROCKY: Totally…don’t be so severe!
KATBOT: Easy for you two to say! You both won at least once!
JR.: Kay, whatever. I’m gonna go work on my report.
ROCKY: Yeah, me too.
[Katbot stays behind, looking peeved. She picks up the controller and plays]

[Camera focuses on Marcella Curd hiding in the bushes, underneath the Lebore living room window. We can see Katbot inside, albeit disguised, playing her game.]

CURD: If I’m to catch Katerina on tape using her powers, I must spy on her at all times, waiting for the moment she reveals herself! [She crouches down, and has a periscope that she is using to look into the room. She reaches over and puts a graham cracker in her mouth and crunches on it.]

[A time-lapse sequence begins. There is an analog clock on the table next to the couch, keeping track for us. The time says 8:15, we see Katbot playing intensely. Fades to 11:15, she seems less intense, her eyelids are heavier. Fades to 3:15, she now looks exhausted. Her eyelids are almost closed, her mouth hangs open, and some drool is oozing out. From her POV, her computer flashes to her that she is critically low on power and should rest.]

[She turns off the TV and walks out to go to bed.]
[We see Curd again in the bushes, she has been sleeping. She wakes up with a start and looks, and sees that Kat is gone.]
CURD: Shoot!

+++++++++++++++++SECTION E "CRANKY CAT"

[Mom. Dad and Jr. sit at the table eating their breakfast. They look jovial.]
DAD: So, what are you doing in school Jr.?
JR: uh, we’re doing presentations. I’m doing mine on NMN, AKA; the Bony Felon.
DAD: Wow son! Sounds dandyrific!
MOM: That’s wonderful honey!
JR: Um…yeah…
DAD: Oooh! Before I forget son, could you please take this Kitten Video over to the librarian Mrs. Guber, she wanted to borrow it for her little niece.
JR.: Sure, no sweat Dad.
[Katbot appears in the doorway. She walks in and looks very tired.]
DAD: Oh! Good Morning Katerina!
MOM: Good Morning honey!
JR.: Hey Kat.
KATBOT: [mumbles: ‘breakfast….powerup…]
MOM: Here! Have some sticky buns sweety!
[Katbot grabs some and stuffs them in her mouth. She grabs for some OJ]
DAD: And what are you doing your presentation on Katerina?
KATBOT: [she mumbles something incoherent]
DAD: I’m sorry, what was that?
[the family looks shocked.]
DAD: O…K. Sounds dandyrific!
MOM: That’s wonderful honey!
JR.: whoa, how late d’you stay up last night?
[Katbot gets up, puts her backpack on and walks out.]
KATBOT: This conversation is over.
[Jr. looks at his parents. They seem blissfully in denial of any problem.]

++++++++++++++++++SECTION F "SCHOOL DAZE"

[We see Katbot sitting in her chair looking very tired. Her eyelids are halfway down. Her mouth hangs open.]
FUNKEL: Katerina! You want to take this one? You haven’t answered a question all day…
KATBOT: [mumbles incoherently]
FUNKEL: What was that?
KATBOT: [mumbles] 4?
[The class laughs]
FUNKEL: No, Katerina! The capital of Ohio… is not 4! What’s the matter with you today? You seem so out of it.
KATBOT: [Angry incoherent kitty mumblings]
FUNKEL: Well! I will not tolerate such language young lady! You can just go tell the Principal what you just told me! Go on! Go!
[Class goes ‘Oooh! One says, ‘You’re in trouble!’]

++++++++++++++++++SECTION FA "RECTOR"

[Katbot in front of the Principal’s door. On the door it says his name: Principal Rector. Katbot knocks on the door.]

RECTOR: Come in.
[Katbot enters. Rector is sitting with his back to her, and he is on the phone.]
RECTOR: Yes, Mr. Lebore. She’s here right now. Ok, I’ll talk to you later.

[Katbot looks scared. Her eyes bulge. From her POV, we see, ‘WARNING! WARNING! FEAR LEVELS RISING! ACCESSING EMERGENCY ADRENALINE SUPPLY! Katbot perks up in her chair and folds her hands politely.]
[Rector swivels around and faces Katbot.]
RECTOR: Hello, Katerina. [He gets up and paces back and forth.] I’ve talked with Mr. Funkel. He says you’re acting rather cranky today, hmmm?
KATBOT: No sir! I mean, yes sir! I mean, I’m sorry sir!
RECTOR: Have you been getting enough sleep Katerina? Hmmm?
KATBOT: Yes sir!
RECTOR: [He raises his eyebrows at her] Hmmm?
KATBOT: No sir. [she looks down.]
RECTOR: That’s what I thought. It must be hard adapting to life here Katerina. But I urge you to get enough sleep at night. Being exhausted only makes things harder, hmmm?
KATBOT: Yes Principal Rector.
RECTOR: Promise me you will get more sleep Katerina?
KATBOT: Oh yes! I promise!
RECTOR: There’s a good girl. Any questions? Hmmm?
KATBOT: uh…what did you tell Mr. Lebore?
RECTOR: Oh. [Chuckles] I wasn’t actually talking to him. Go on now.
KATBOT: uh..ok..thanks. [She looks grateful to leave]
++++++++++++++++SECTION FA "DITCH"

[Katbot is at her locker. Jr. and Rocky come by.]
JR.: Hey Kat! Whatsup!
KATBOT: [mumbles} hey.
ROCKY: We’re gonna go play frisbee!
JR.: Yeah. And then we’re gonna get some ice-cream. You down?
KATBOT: [mumbles] can’t.
JR.: Oh, what, you got something better to do?
KATBOT: [mumbles] videogames.
JR.: What?
[She slams her locker shut and storms off. Rocky and Jr. look at each other like, ‘what’s her deal?!.]

+++++++++++++++++++ SECTION G "POWERSLAM"

[An ‘Andre the Giant’ size wrestler stamps across the ring. Atop this body is the head of Katbot. She picks up an opposing wrestler and tosses him out. Then she grandstands for the crowd. The camera pulls back and we see Katbot lazily sitting in the Living room playing the game. Jr. walks in.]

JR.: Hey.
KATBOT: [mumbles] hey.
JR.: Can I talk to you?
KATBOT: [mumbles] play.
JR.: alright, I’ll talk while I play ok?
KATBOT: kay.

[In the wrestling arena, a voice-over announcer says: WE HAVE A NEW CHALLENGER!!! Jr. climbs into the ring. His head sits atop a ‘Hulk Hogan’ style body. The two wrestlers circle each other dramatically.]

JR.: You’ve been playing videogames too much Kat!
KATBOT: Oh is that right?
JR.: Yeah! And I’m here to put a stop to it!
KATBOT: Bring it on!

[Jr. attempts a kick, but hits air. Kat responds by giving him 3 rapid punches, and then a kick. This sends Jr. sprawling across the ring onto the ground. Kat runs over, climbs up on the corner-post, and tries to jump-slam onto Jr. But Jr. rolls out of the way in time, and Kat just hits the ground. Now she is in pain and on the floor. Jr. gets up, and puts Kat in a headlock.]

JR.: It’s not cool to play videogames all the time Kat!
[Katbot gets angry, busts out of the headlock, grabs Jr. and throws him against the corner-post. He lands upside down on his head.]
KATBOT: But they’re…FUN!!! [said as she throws him]
[Kat backs away and grandstands a bit. Jr. gets up, grabs a chair, and slams it into Katbot’s back.]
JR.: But they take over your life!
[She hits the ground. He runs over, stands her up, and puts her head between his legs for a signature super pile-driver move.]
JR.: Kat! I’m just trying to help you!!!
[He does the move; jumps up high, spins in the air, and slams her down on her head - BAM! Katbot lies on the ground – knocked out. Jr. walks over and pins her – 1, 2, 3! We pull back and see the two sitting in the living room.]
KATBOT: No fair! Play me again!
JR.: [shakes his head] No Kat. I’ve got more important things to do.
KATBOT: Like what?! What could possibly be more important than having fun?
JR.: Homework?! Our reports are due tomorrow Kat! [Jr. walks out angry]
[Katbot’s eyes follow him as he leaves. Then she goes back to her game.]
KATBOT: [grumbles incoherently] whatever!

[Marcella Curd in the same spot as the night before, except tonight it is raining. She looks miserable.]

CURD: Oh! I wish it wasn’t raining! [sneezes] But it’ll be worth it once I catch Botenksi on tape for what she really is; a robotic alien cat! [looks worried] If I catch her! The report is tomorrow and I’ve got nothing! Focus Marcella! I have to find proof tonight! Focus! Stay awake! Do it for Jr.! [Pulls out his picture] Oh my love! This is all done for you! [a thunder crack- the rains starts to pour twice as hard.]

[a time-lapse sequence of Katbot playing videogames. The clock shows, 11:30, then, 2:30, then 5:30! Katbot is still playing! At this time, we focus on her and watch as she runs out of power. She shuts down, and her imaging device turns off as well. She sits there in her true form.]

[Camera is on Marcella. She is snoring in the brush, covered in mud. A little worm crawls across her glasses. A car passing in the street backfires, and she is startled awake. The first thing she sees is the worm, which smiles at her]

CURD: Ah! Oh no! What time is it?! No!
[She gets on her feet and looks in the house. The clock shows 6:10. She sees Katbot lying there in her true form.]
CURD: HAH! THERE SHE IS! I’VE GOT YOU NOW ALIEN! [she whips out her camera and starts filming.]
[inside, Katbot is startled awake as well. She groggily notices that she is not disguised. She is frightened and quickly turns on her image-device. Curd captures all this on film.]

[Curd runs away back to her house laughing evilly.]

+++++++++++++++++++SECTION H "PRESENTATIONS"

[Jr. stands in front of the class, he is using PowerPoint for his multimedia. We see a picture of NMN up on the screen.]
JR.: And that is why I think The Bony Felon will someday be President of the United States.
[the class erupts into applause, a couple of kids even stand up. Katbot sits at her desk, half asleep]
FUNKEL: Wow!!! Excellent presentation Jr.! I’d vote for him after that!
JR.: Thanks. Can I go home then?
FUNKEL: Sure! Ok, who wants to try to follow that?

[Rocky skates in stage left on his skateboard, with a big smile on his face. He slams into Mr. Funkel’s desk, hits the ground, and is knocked unconscious.]
FUNKEL: Ok! Take it away Rocky!


[Jr. walks out of the classroom with his backpack. He goes to the water fountain and takes a sip. From around the corner he hears two girls talking. Jr. peeks around the corner and sees that it is Curd and Margo Trimble. They are standing in front of the girls bathroom.]

MARGO: So what’s your report on Curd?
CURD: Illegal aliens! Specifically, one named Katerina Botenski! I have video proof right here that she is actually a robotic alien cat!
MARGO: O…K. You’re so weird Marcella.
[Margo walks back to class. Curd gives her an evil look. She sets her camera and bag down outside the bathroom door, then goes inside.]

[We zoom in on Jr. He looks concerned. He remembers the Kitten Video. He pulls it out of his bag, and ponders what he could do. He looks like he might not do anything about it.]


[The classroom. Mr. Funkel is shaking Rocky, trying to wake him up.]
FUNKEL: sigh…does anyone want to carry Rocky to the nurse’s office again? [no one replies] Ok, whoever does it gets a Twinkie!
FAT KEVIN: I’ll do it Mr. Funkel! [He bounces up to the front, grabs Rocky, throws him over his shoulder, and exits. Jr. comes back and sits down.]
FUNKEL: Thank you Fat Kevin! Ok, who’s gonna go next? [no one volunteers] Ok then, I’ll just have to select someone! Katerina! Your turn!
[Katbot gets up and ambles to the front.]
KATBOT: [mumbles incoherently] videogames…

[She looks like she is really trying, but all that is coming out is gibberish. From her POV, we see that she is running on minimal power, and her whole system is scrambling with errors as a result. She has no multimedia presentation prepared. She looks frustrated when no one understands what she is saying, she gives up, and sits down.]

FUNKEL: Thank you Katerina, that was… REEEDICULOUS! It’s obvious you put no work into this assignment. You get an F Minus! [Curd comes back to class.] Alright, do we have somebody here who can give us an actual multimedia presentation?
CURD: Oooh! Me! I’m ready Mr. Funkel!!!
FUNKEL: Marcella, thank you. [He sits down]
[Marcella pulls the videotape out of her bag and puts it into the VCR.]

CURD: My presentation today is about ALIENS! For eons mankind has wondered about the existence of aliens. Well, I’m here today to tell you, that not only do I have videotape proof of the existence of aliens, but that this alien is sitting right here in this class, right now!!!
[the class seems used to this from Marcella. One girls gasps.]
YES!!! That’s right!! There is an alien intruder among us!!! A robotic alien cat, sent from another world to study us! And it is none other…than Katerina Botenski!!! [she points at Katerina, she has a crazy look in her eye, she laughs an evil laugh]

[Katbot looks shocked. She tries to act, but she has no power. The class looks at Katerina. One girl gasps. Katbot mumbles incoherently in desperation. They look at Curd like she is crazy.]

CURD: Oh! Don’t believe me HUH?! Well! Then take a look at this!!!
[she presses play on the VCR. We see actual non-cartoon footage of two very cute kittens playing with each other and a ball of yarn. One girl goes,’Awwww.’]

CURD: What?!! NO!!! What happened to my video?!!
[the class laughs at her. CRAZY CURD! Yells one. Katbot looks extremely relieved. She looks at Jr. He nods at her to signify that he saved the day.]

FUNKEL: Ok, Marcella, Thankyou! You fail as well! Could you please take this note to the nurse’s office?! [Curd is shocked and dismayed. She takes the note.] Thanks. It says that you’re in desperate need of Psychiatric Counseling. [He chuckles]
[The class laughs uproariously. Marcella walks out the door slowly and sadly. She looks like she doubts her sanity as well.]

++++++++++++++++++++++SECTION I "SORRY"
[We see Jr. dressed up in golf attire – striped pants/golf shirt. He is taking some practice swings. Katbot walks over, also dressed like a golfer.]

JR.: S’up.
[There is an uncomfortable pause]
KATBOT: Listen, I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting, I know I’ve been rotten lately…
JR.: [He looks up at her] It’s cool Kat. You’ve just been tired, that’s all.
KATBOT: Yeah, well, I’ve learned something this week. Just cause something is a lot of fun doesn’t mean you should do it all the time…I enjoy playing videogames, but…
JR.: It’s not cool if that’s all you do.
KATBOT: Right! Or good for you…I admit I got a little addicted to them…
JR.: Yeah you did.
KATBOT: And I almost blew my cover because of it. Thanks for saving my tail.
JR.: Anytime. That’s what friends are for…
[Jr. swings at the ball and sinks it in the hole. He does a little celebration.]
JR.: Wanna go play some frisbee?
[We are back in the Lebore living room – they both run outside.]

+++++++++++++++SECTION IA "CURD’S SANITY"
[NOTE: Dr. Scrambles has his office attached to his house, which is on the same street as the Curd’s and the Lebores.]

[Curd is standing in the doorway of his office, about to leave. Dr. Scrambles sees her off]
SCRAMBLES: Just take two of these pills everyday, Ok, Marcella? Then the robotic cat aliens will go away, I promise. See you next week!
[He closes his door]

[Marcella stands outside his house. In the distance Katbot and Jr. play frisbee]

CURD: Everyone thinks Marcella Curd is crazy! But I know the truth! [She grimaces] I’m not crazy! I know that she’s a robotic cat alien sent here to study tween culture!!! I’ll prove it yet!!! [She grimaces harder] Katerina Botenski will ‘rue the day’ she decided to meddle with the Curd-Meister!
[The lens on her glasses shatter]


Written by

Ben Spierenburg

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Comments by other Members

old friend at 07:35 on 15 November 2004  Report this post
Hi Ben,

I found this very interesting and well-written. I tried to envisage this along the lines of Disney characterisation and also the 'sharpness' of the drawn characters of the more recent far Eastern cartoon illustrative techniques. I think the 'sharpness of line' seen in the Japanese cartoons (as opposed to the circles and ovals of Disney-base drawings) is more suited to your script.

Bearing in mind the 9-12 audience you mention, I felt that it was too wordy and uses language that, in some cases, is more suited to a slightly older child audience. However writing for this media is far more difficult than many people imagine and, to me, you do have a sharp talent for this. I admire the vivid imagination and visual capabilities that are needed for writing in this genre (I dislike that word!) but you obviously have these qualities. Good luck with this.


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