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A Teacher In Detention Who Had More To Say.

by laurafraser 

Posted: 20 November 2004
Word Count: 222
Summary: Just a few extra lines at the bottom

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I see pink tulips growing out of a Rastaís nose the day
the girl with a mind like fireworks
on speed

And the man on Pluto,
with his acme acne, sitting in his white neon glass chair,
thinking. now I have her

and then this teacher
nononononononononono, it drawls like a CD stuck and you just want to scream,
turn it off as it whines words which wield fresh blood thatís old,
think of sense make some sense hereíre the rules you know the rules you fool!
Iíll hammer them in till I like you till I get you
till I can turn around and say ah-ha

Oh no! but there appears to be a big fat smile on my face
what do I do, I do, dare to, to do?
as teacher carries on its string-less puppet act, its body a mockery of fluidity
I turn and watch the oak in the garden, bowing to drink from the lake,
so I let the Cheshire cat back.


There was a young teacher
and yes I did beseech her
to extend me some humility
in all this frightful humidity
but perhaps sheís a lion
and Iíve plonked her in the ice box,
and for that I say me pardons
-but then again that could be me jargon(s)

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Comments by other Members

The Walrus at 19:39 on 21 November 2004  Report this post
Surreal to say the least Laura, but I like it not because I understand it but because it is an experience reading it (I think you made a comment to this effect on your last poem... something about while the rational intellect trails behind... the poem still talks at another level... one that is still very vocal. And, I think you're right).

The images you present, are both whacky and disjointed, but I think this refects well the mind. In fact, typing while I'm thinking here - your poem feels very much like a dream - the multitude of strange images that parade across the mind's eye.

The Walrus

laurafraser at 00:32 on 22 November 2004  Report this post
walrus thats wonderful! yey! i love that you had "an experience" reading it-i think intellect can censor our enjoyment of things massively in life, intellect comes from mind after all and mind is just a bit of "noise" up there...? is it? or isn't it? don't really care to say to be honest-totally irrelevant!
thank-you for responding walrus-as ever insightful and powerful interpretations that encourage me as well as opening new ways of looking at my poems-thank-you!

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