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The Muse and Pegasus

by Sazmac 

Posted: 27 November 2004
Word Count: 410
Summary: A mythical journey from the darkness of winter to the warmth and light of summer

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The Muse and Pegasus

Part 1 – From Mt Helicon

The Muse came down from the hills,
to a ford where bakestones were hewn from grit,
to Delphi, a place of warmth and shelter.

Though wild, she learned to be quiet and still.

“I have been to a dark place this winter.
The rain battered on the window each day.
I looked out at the changing light over the valley
And the Romans marched onwards through our lives.
Faces faded in and out – there were
Those that were constant
And those that were absent.
I looked for a stranger often.”

Looking for a sign, all winter she would run.
Back to the hills where the curlews wheel and fly.
In her darkest nights, alone, a sign, from Darien -
she must journey - to an island warm and calm.

Then from a spring, a gift - most beloved Pegasus.
His wings, her guide, her companion
to take her on her journey.

“Cradled in his wings on the back of Pegasus I knew
I could always fly safely now.”

Part 2 – The Muse to Pegasus
"He arrived to me for a short while
He who had been with you for so long
He was sent to me for a loan
I kept him close to my heart
I could feel his wings flutter
Like my heart

And on his wings were written
Your half whispered words
Of love,
Written only as you truly meant them
For ever for me to hold

And Pegasus lifts his lovely white head
And gazes distant shores
I know that soon he will be gone
Leaving me only your words and my
Fluttering heart."

Part 3 – Potamida

This muse sits still then
rises and salutes the setting sun
over the whispering olives.
Her carpet of hibiscus and oleander
lies heavy on the golden air.

A rustling from the vines
distracts the muse.
Three kittens play softly and stretch.
The muse settles again then stretches too.
Her fingers sinking deep
into the Cretan soil.

She closes her eyes and
breathes deeply and slowly.
Pushes back her long green sleeves,
thinks of the snake skin she
saw earlier.
Shivering, she reaches deep into her pockets.
She crushes the dittany and
drinks in the soft sweet smell.
She resolves.

Tomorrow she will journey to Asclepius
safe between the wings of Pegasus.
But tonight she will sleep softly
And dream only of snakes.
Under Kissamos’ starlit skies.

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Comments by other Members

The Walrus at 19:27 on 29 November 2004  Report this post
The three parts come together beautifully. A magical, mythical journey. The warm reassuring presence of Pegasus. The language is clear and accessible, the tone unaffected (not an easy feat, given the subject).

I loved every posting of this series. Got to the last line and was left wanting more.


The Walrus

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