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Old things

by bluesky3d 

Posted: 18 June 2003
Word Count: 253
Summary: talking of maturing cheese!

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Old things have had time to absorb
like barrels, and the wine theyíve stored.
It is a two way thing;
oak flavours wine, and wine flavours oak
Perhaps, the same can be said of folk?

Old things can never be wrong,
if what has lasted, has lasted long.
It is self-evident.
What old village, or old master is ugly too?
I donít know of one, do you?
Paintings that are old,
yet leave you cold, are few.

Then thereís music......I mean to say
Things have always been this way
What pop song can beat
a symphony by Brahms
or compete
with olí Blue Eyesí charms?

And, isnít love the same?
New love, mmm sure itís exciting?.....
like popping corks or pulling crackers
or going dirty-weekending to Brighton!
If it lasts, it can never be long enough,
but a vintage, that matures
it grows more precious each year that passes
and that my friend, is what really matters....

Well, isnít it?
I mean, things are meant to be that way,
arenít they?
What is that you say?
Maybe?... mmmm.
Youíre not so sure?

Hold on a moí, what am I saying?
Youíre so right! Am I going bonkers?
Old masters? What a load of plonkers!
Give me the sound of popping corks any day!
The taste of nouveau Beaujolais!
Give me the smell of new baked bread
Sinatra? Naaaa, heís dead!
Give me the number one in instead!
Give me whatís hot!

(For a minute there, I forgot
and almost lost the bloody plot!)

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Comments by other Members

Ellenna at 16:54 on 18 June 2003  Report this post
old things are especially dear to me .. so this strikes a chord. Gosh you are prolific :) It's quirky I like it !

Ellenna :)

bluesky3d at 07:47 on 19 June 2003  Report this post
but if you say it like a rap song...
uhuh ... it takes on a whole new thang!
yeh uhuh!

A :o)

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