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Nuclear Alert

by laurafraser 

Posted: 15 December 2004
Word Count: 442

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there is a possibility that
my family is nuclear.
(oh dear).

Mymymymy, says the voice box of the underachiever.
When will you ever learn? groans the mouth of the know-it-all, the show-it-all.

(I see two slits of skin called lips, pulsating&spitting
I hear sounds of screeching, hissing&droning
I taste roasted garlic inside my neck
I smell it seeping through my skin
I feel cold.)

Big boned baby Bertie is gurgling and blowing bubbles to Phoenix the cat.
The cat I predict is about to flick the baby
(And I know Iíll just sit and Iíll watch).

Something is tapping on the windowpane,
My mother the woman who encapsulates so much pain.
She got raped at seventeen, laughed and called him Ďmean,í
(And I wonder how she does it).

I watch as she patters around like a moth in the dark, hitting the walls.
Oops! Ow! Oops! Aah! Oop la! Ma?
She smiles with pink lipstick as she skitters around the soulless rooms she lives in.
Mymymymy, sheíll say. (Cry I think. Cry! Cry! Cry!)
Like a lie in a court, frightened of the dungeon
My mother is playing for her freedom.
When will you ever learn? (Says the voice that I know is her keeper).

As cumulonimbus clouds break their swollen bellies over my face,
Phoenix the cat looks unhappy.
But Bertie the baby, oh heís a happy clappy chappy.
My mother the bird has fainted inside
And my father is eating his breakfast.
(And I chuckle to myself, as I sit in the rain),
Only the English find this sort of set up. (And I donít know if thatís untrue).
(I listen, as a mob of conspiracy theories roar into my brain
Gunning down the innocence I never had.
And I wonder if I have any swallow meís left),
One in da morniní said the fatty old nurse
And one in da evening littlíun ser. (But I take them all the time, twelve in fact in a row)

Did you know, that I know, (even though my heart has burst),
That there will always be the swallow meís
(As I know that never again shall I sit on my dadís arthritic knobbed knees).
Because that heart that burst, hurt.
I am like a worm out of dirt
I wriggle and writhe in a world so inhospitable
I donít fit in at all.
But Iím thirsty need a lager
Fed up of this same old saga.
Oh natter natter, repetitive old chatter.
(I think I may be mad now)
chewing the cud like a pink spotted cow.
-But how and when did this happen?

possibly because,
my family is nuclear.
(oh dear).

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Comments by other Members

The Walrus at 07:14 on 16 December 2004  Report this post
A rich treacle confection of black humour with a stark and vivid nightmarish quality. Very clever combining the dual meaning of nuclear.

Another original piece Laura.

The Walrus

Souchong at 21:09 on 20 December 2004  Report this post
well impressive laura. i like the combination of lyrical quality and narrative. the bit about the mother is particularly affecting.


laurafraser at 18:12 on 09 January 2005  Report this post
walrus and souchong, sorry for delayed reply to your comments -thank-you for them though, as always much appreaciated as well as a relief to read them, especially when unsure as to how people will react to some pieces
thank-you for reading

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