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The Perverted Act

by dovalmac 

Posted: 24 June 2003
Word Count: 151

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Overpowered with lifeless thing
That presides and takes control
To make the subject passive
In perceived self-mocking role

Obsession with performance
Shrouded in dearest thing
Presenting more than mere fašade
In ideas that cling and cling.

In grotesque expression
Exhibited journey from the self
Unknown the source from whence it came
Long forgotten, left on distant shelf

The action pointing outward
The essence to display
For a singular spectator
A witness whose part you gladly play

The nature is to be not you
Nor entirely you to be the other thing
In mind the balance must be struck
Between that outside and that within

To be loved and hated all in one
Pleasure contained within the pain
The forbidden hidden so not to disturb
The erection of an ideal realm

Is it weakness of the mind
This journey from the soul?
The deep desire, this desperate wish
Imposing its heavy toll.

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Comments by other Members

Richard Brown at 20:29 on 19 September 2003  Report this post
Set me thinking! I'm not by any means sure that I fully understand but I suppose the title gives a strong clue. The opening line, especially the 'lifeless thing' strongly suggest something sinister. Love and hate, pleasure/pain? - I suppose it's sado-masochism which 'imposes its heavy toll'. I read it a few times and found some intriguing things. The variation in line-length was tricky for me as I read - I suppose the fact that the second and fourth lines rhyme lulled me into thinking that the beat would be regular...but I guess the form is not so important...Hmmmm!

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