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Friendship with Benifits

by Nyte 

Posted: 21 January 2005
Word Count: 186
Summary: Eyes filled with mystery and difficult to read; Whispers are blistering yet vague; Old but still young at heart

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Iím not running from reality or an evil cause
Though someone that makes me breath;
Itís just something not to release.
Yet still a stranger in disguise;
Eyes filled with mystery and difficult to read;
Whispers are blistering yet vague;
Old but still young at heart.
So he isnít heaven sent;
Or the Lords perfect angel;
But thereís a mystery that entirely surrounds him
His tainted formation.
He bites your soul out;
Causing cries that evade the mind;
Though not one of companionship;
Just mere seconds of utter bliss.
This dense outer layer;
An entirely perfect masterpiece;
What lurks inside to, me an utter stranger.
They say, ďThe eyes are the mirror to oneís soulĒ
They never did state;
Look only at pleasures door.
A story and a challenge;
Combining two things in a mere second;
Watching and seeing each reaction;
As feathered trails conveniently leave a mark;
And draw lines of ease and class.
Too much of something is dangerous;
Yet you cannot start something without and end!
Thus, friendship with benefits
A darkened path full of surprises;
So pace yourself;
Only the strong survive.

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Comments by other Members

paul53 [for I am he] at 20:37 on 20 March 2005  Report this post
I prefer the other upload. Many will pass this by because the title is misspelt [benefit]. Just by the length of this piece, I see you have a lot you want to say, and an urgency to express it. As you are online, look up poetry basics or poetry terminology to get started on the basic forms and basic definitions of what poetry is and what it is not. Despite our criticisms, most of us on sites such as this are here to help and encourage. You have the raw talent to go with poetry, so join a group and become comfortable with the offerings and helpfulness of 15 or so others trying to be creative and expressive.

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