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Reality Gets A Lobotomy (Part II)

by laurafraser 

Posted: 28 January 2005
Word Count: 551
Summary: The second part of Reality Gets A Lobotomy. (Again is rather long and the format can be a bit hard to chew, but my appreaciation of any commens-words cannot describe)!... Thank-you if you do read this xlaura

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Watch the Pied Piper play his tune and the millions of faces in Bacchic ecstasy!
Watch the waves become tidal and watch the lovers laughing!
Watch the grass become hay and the dog eating chicken pillaged from that café!
Watch the 1961 bottle of Latour Pauillac Bordeaux!
Watch the Karma Sutra reading pensioner licking her chocolate ice cream!
Watch the roses that people like to put under their noses because it reminds them of moments spent when thoughts completely escaped.
Who accepts? Who nods their heads and says yesyesyesyesyesyeysyeysyeysyeysyes?
When is it ever really that “you” muted censored unthinking masses of atoms&chemicals&neurons&plasma&blood?

Noooo, surely not, surely surely there is, I mean, you know, surely there are there are
(ta ra)?
Surely there are there are, well, surely there is something a little more meaty than just blah?
Phantasmagoria, oh Gloria!
Welcome to the world you don’t know because you try and know,
now watch. Watch the plodding scientist (whom I also secretly love) with his face-less facts,
with paragraphs called theories and (clever) things called microscopes and words like “Evolution,”
and sit and he’ll tell you of
“Australopithecus afrarensis who became Australopithecus robustus who became homo habilis to erectus who meandered into Neanderthals who prowled their way to sapiens, homo sapiens,
“And did you also know, he’ll ask, winking as he pulls his white rabbit from the hat,
“That Bryophytes and Pteridophytes are just a type of plant?
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha ha.”
And far away in a garden that isn’t secret there grows Little gem, and Golden Zucchini, turnips and squash,
and far away (in another place) there grow a vagabond variety of iris’ next to bonsai trees and pine forests, sunflowers and cactuses.

If what they say is true about the freedom and the terror,
then come with me to the war, the fight to the camp where Hades lives,
come with me to the pythons mouth and the place where the quicksand spreads,
come with me to where the rapist prowls and the jail-bird dances his jig,
come and embrace this chaos, this nothing-ness and everything-ness,
reverberate with your nothingness
because you them and him her and obviously always I,
are matter-less, matterless, (matters less)?

Climb up to the mountain peak with the truth seekers and hurl your questions to the air,
ask them and shout them, just don’t be devout about them,
ask if the Divine is really sublime,
or ask if it drips with an odourless slime.
Ask and then know that separation exists in the realm of the mind,
then come run with me through the garden of Byron, the paintings of Dali and the words of Oola Wanee.
Lets go and pick the black tulip whilst staring at David as you tell me about your acme acne,
come be amazed with me,
lets make loud noises screaming like Banshees’ with body-shattering joy,
lets sing arias of nonsense and move with no place in mind,
lets leave all this intrinsic extrinsicality and instead fly to the moon,
where aliens painted by six year olds that drink tequila will dance with us till we
slip off la Luna and drift down to the marina
where seagulls glide over the fisherman's catch:
abundant and overwhelming, unpolluted and so real.

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Comments by other Members

tinyclanger at 11:09 on 28 January 2005  Report this post
I've read both parts of this so far...wasn't really sure what to say after the first bit, and I'm still not completely sure.
I think there's a wealth of interesting stuff in here, powerful images, interesting and rhythmic language that is used skillfully, complex ideas...There are other parts which I find don't speak to me as powerfully. It's rather like 'stream of consciousness' writing, where the objective is to capture they myriad of thoughts and sense impressions as they flit through the mind, (parts of James Joyce's Ulysses being the best example I know). It's very hard to do..

As you say, this is very long, so I wondered if it wouldn't be worthwhile looking through it section by section and taking some of the 'parts' and making shorter verse from them? Kind of using this as the framework/master plan and developing some of the ideas within it, so you have a series of shorter pieces. (I'd certainly advise that if you we're trying to get it published as lots of magazines have length limits..)

That said, its a considerable piece of work as it stands, and well done to you for having the scope to conceive of it and tackle it. I've found it fascinating reading and will certainly read the other parts.


Don Gorgon at 20:22 on 29 January 2005  Report this post
laurafraser. I've read both parts of this and what I really want to know is, 'Where do you get your drugs?' and, 'Could you sort me out with some?'

Only joking. You want to patent or insure your mind or something along those lines. I think you will have to give a class or submit notes about it before I could get me head totally around it and appreciate it fully. All said and done though, I have enjoyed reading them, I've been bewildered on more than one occasion. Nice one.

Peace and Love


laurafraser at 15:37 on 03 February 2005  Report this post
thank-you for your in-depth comment, everything has been digested and 'heard.' i am actually abomnibaly lazy re getting things published as in have only ever sent off to two magazines...so not really a case of ever sending this off to publishers more an experimental piece I played with last summer-but agree that good idea to snip at it and create a group of smaller more readable pieces and will have a go later-thanks again
x laura

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