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Reality Gets A Lobotomy (Part IV)

by laurafraser 

Posted: 02 February 2005
Word Count: 336
Summary: The Final Chunk-yey! To all of you who have made the effort to read this I am hugely indebted: I have read all of yur comments and will reply tomorrow and my lack of acknowledgment is very rude and for that I apologise. xlaura

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The quintessenciality of reality is really nought but a game,
Now there’s no one to blame,
So lets not start genuflecting or writing passion bloated words
That frankly are a little absurd,
But instead lets just hear the heart beat
And the breath that tickles your nose
Lets go up there and see whom we might meet,
There could even be someone quite fantastic up there, up there in your nose,
And even if there’s no one, it doesn’t matter,
And it won’t mean your not “getting it,”
Nor will it mean you’re atrocious or even slightly precocious,
It really won’t matter at all,
It really doesn’t matter at all,
And the reason for that dear,
The reason for that,
Is this happiness and meaning and significance and ahh! That you’re searching
And looking and analysing everything for,
That feeling you desire and hanker for, that you covet from what you think is
So far away,
My dear, It's there!
(Inside of us)

Inside us gallop unicorns and fantasies, ecstasies, and magic,
Inside us bubbles the energy that created us all,
Inside us of is the beauty & the skin-shattering joy,
Inside us sits the wisdom of the sage and the innocence of the madman,
Inside us is the world you long for
Inside us dance openly the dreams you think yourself too hefty too uncover,
Inside sleeps a magnificence and a brilliance that my dear my darling my love,
My faceless friend
And my furthest foe
Inside us go inside of us,
It is there!
You’ve found it,
Inside of us,
Go inside of us,
but don’t try and catch a hold of “it”,
tangibility is not a facility that will make you understand,
inside of us your thoughts will reveal their chimerical nature
and inside of us
You will laugh
because you know you can cry
and you know that the rainbow has no end,
so go inside of us
just please go inside of us
and dance with the dream of your dreams.

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Comments by other Members

Okkervil at 15:43 on 03 February 2005  Report this post
's over! Don't know what to say. It came to an end. I love that. I mean, I wasn't sure it could. It would have been a self-compromise to come to an end. I printed this all out and read in one go, at the end my hands were shaking like I'd had six black coffees, though my resistance to that elixir is going up as exams approach. But I don't want to cheapen it by suggesting it's just cool because it's long and has lots of words in it. It's more than that. Probably... I understand some of it, and then bits pass me by, like every so often I wander into a forest clearing, but I still enjoy the walk in the woods. I'm sure there are faults somewhere in it, but I don't care (other people can be thoughtfully critical). It's such a roller-coaster, but ends happily instead of getting stuck at the top of a loop-the-loop (which would have had more artistic integrity, yadda yadda). Roller-coaster metaphors are so passe, but I shall persist in using it anyway. Thanks for the trip!


laurafraser at 15:59 on 03 February 2005  Report this post
James-yey! another awsome comment to read-cheshire cat smiles slicked right across my face as my eyes gallop over each word and oh so impressed, surprised, touched, amazed and so many other adjectives that you actually printed it out and read the whole thing-how very kind-thank-you! and yes there are many many mistakes in this poem, but sometimes i think the little book of punctuation and spelling etc has to stay closed so people can go splash their crazy and egoist ideas all over some place.
i love and adore playing (i am hardly writing,) poetry and think sometimes a lot of nonesense has got to be sprayed everywhere-actually was going to write b4 something good can appear but bo-locks to that-the spraying has to happen for no other reason than for the pure enjoyment one derives from the ecastasy of word-play
thank-you so much for reading and your wonderful comments and good luck w/your exams xlaura

Souchong at 08:29 on 04 February 2005  Report this post
am definitely with you on the spray painting of nonsense liberally and generously in the world, laura. how else we gonna see its glory? havent got time or space to think about poetry at the moment - so just dipping in. will have proper look at whole sequence soon as the geological plates of my life shift a bit.

playing with the words... yeh, that's the best bit.


laurafraser at 15:38 on 04 February 2005  Report this post
glad you agree souchong! thanks for reading and commenting xlaura

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