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Begin again an Ending

by laurafraser 

Posted: 04 February 2005
Word Count: 138
Summary: hole inthe head is done by people in attempts to heighten LSD/Acid experiences The first/last lines are simply my perspective; but of course something that is ( thankfully) open to debate this is just a little ditty but if you read i hope it may take you somewhere you are notxL

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there is no beginning, because there will be no ending

kaleidoscopic thoughts collide into one another forming new more beefier ones:
I think I shan’t have a favourite, instead, I’ll just ask the muff’in man to marry me.

apparently he drilled a hole in his head
to make the hallucinogenic qualities of LSD
hit him harder,
or softer,
whatever your perspective might be.

pink ponies trot alongside plaited schoolgirls skipping along the sand,
I get out of bed, have a croissant for breakfast and then fart
so loudly I blush
as if for the first time,
but of course, not the last time.

tormented demons blow kisses to their ladies, who dazzle them behind screens.
caged parrots squawk behind gold painted bars, annoyed because they feel like a fly.

there is no ending, because there was no beginning

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Comments by other Members

Hamburger Yogi & PBW at 08:11 on 07 February 2005  Report this post

I like the way you write but this is not one of your best.

I wasn't sure if the genre was 'newspaper taxis appear on the shore' or not (pink ponies line) or whether POV altered from the thoughts of the narrator to her experiences as 'cinema' - but that is the way I read it. For some reason I thought 'beefier' was out of place. On re-reading I still don't get all the connections. Am I being dumb?

BTW, wasn't this called trepanning?

Hamburger Yogi

Beanie Baby at 16:06 on 07 February 2005  Report this post
Hi Laura.
I have heard of people drilling holes in their head for this but I have never met anyone who has.

I'm not sure either (following on from Hamburger Yogi). Your poetry is usually very distinct, with your own voice and your own perspective beautifully articulated, but this one does seem to have lost its way a bit. On a scale of ten I guess I'd give it a 4 whereas most of the other work I've read by you hits a 7 or 8. Don't hate me - I'm only trying to help!
Best wishes,

laurafraser at 22:44 on 07 February 2005  Report this post
Hamburger Yogi,

beefier does look out of place of this ramble doesn't it? re-reading this poem now i can quite see that it looks like a whole mis-match of non-sequitors that seem increadibly un-balanced and illogical, making it a pile of nonesense. It is apparent to me that the major problems are, 1) lack of proper punctuation which only adds confusion and 2) there is no point made, I have said various things but have faile to weave an invisible thread through my words so as to make the reader have that 'ah-ha-ha' moment-as is ovbious this was more a case of wanting to post something and not being arsed to produsce something that constitues as a poem, rather several sentences that I now intend to use as inspiration for future pieces, but that fail to mesh together-but thankyou for taking time to read this rubbish-and I really appreaciate your honesty-thank-you!
Also no you are by far from being "dumb"-that would be me-as in with your use of 'trepanning' i persume you don't mind the rock tool, but the only other meaning i can think of is to trick....? please would you enlighten me on that one?!

Beanie baby-how dare you!! if you read above-I quite agree with yo u and hamburger yogi and am indebted to you both for being so frank and honest-qualities i admire and respect and hope that i can pull up my socks and make a damn better effort next time-or failing thyat some time soon...!
thank-you for reading

Hamburger Yogi & PBW at 07:33 on 09 February 2005  Report this post
I first heard of trepanning through Lobsang Rampa in his (published 1960s) Tibetan 'memoirs' where the monks poke a stick through a hole in his forehead to elicit supernatural powers. Rampa was subsequently revealed to be a confabulator.

Hamburger Yogi

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