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The Future-less Past.

by laurafraser 

Posted: 11 February 2005
Word Count: 120
Summary: "new waves…"refers toproblems we create in new relationships=no wave is ever the same,subsequently notion of a “new” wave is non-sensical.Imagery of ocean intended to insinuate the depths of human relationships-i.e oceans=unpredicatble,&that is what makes them so thrilling.The'They"in "they made demons up" is everyone around you,(including yourself)who has an opinion about your r/ship-&how those opinions can confuse your own perspective.

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There are new waves on oceans I thought I saw
On a yacht I sailed in with
My lover of last year.

They made demons up and said avoid them,
Whilst worshipping from afar, something more sinister,
More obscure,
Like a bejewelled house in Alaska,
Is it snow, or are they diamonds?

We plant seeds in soil we shall leave in winter,
But now like excited children we scatter them giggling
And hiding our mouths with mud-encrusted palms,
Whose lines depict lives; some short and some long.
So like the fortune teller who knows her child is to die,
Bittersweet is this moment I have with you,
Because tomorrow, or perhaps in ten years time,
You may not be around.

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Comments by other Members

Meena at 14:06 on 11 February 2005  Report this post

We have a saying in India 'A human being's mind and thinking is a deep ocean, no one can measure its depth or predict its actions, one can only assume from the outer image potrayed to the world.'

Your poem making an analogy with the oceans is so true.


tinyclanger at 12:40 on 12 February 2005  Report this post
Laura, Your work is fascinating, just when I think I've lost track, you come up with something that drags me back.
So it is with the beginning and end of this...
"They made demons up and said avoid them" is lovely, as is from "So like the fortune teller" to the end.

In the middle, I felt a bit lost, though I enjoyed the ride!

One picky thing - "on oceans I thought I seen" - think this should be "saw" ?

Stimulating reading!

laurafraser at 19:26 on 13 February 2005  Report this post
thank-you for that beautiful quote-i shall remember it.

glad not to have lost you-your comments are hugely appreaciated! Have changed the 'seen' to 'saw'-thank-you for that and your other comments

Tina at 10:14 on 14 February 2005  Report this post

I have just been engaged on writing about oceans and find your poem full of lovely images - lyrical - like falling into water and floating to the top.


laurafraser at 14:41 on 14 February 2005  Report this post
Thank-you Tina.

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