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Every Best Gift - a tale of the ages

by vynnie 

Posted: 15 February 2005
Word Count: 228
Summary: Announcement of forthcoming release of book at http://www.vkholliday.com

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“I marvelled at the inventive and educated mind at work, and the deft artistry of the writer telling her tale of the ages... the plotting is subtle and imaginative, the writing vivid and sophisticated…”
Gene Mustain
author, investigative journalist, lecturer, Pulitzer Prize finalist 1981...

You've seen Mel Gibson's movie 'Passion of the Christ'! Now read the book that nullifies the central premise of the film – the ‘divinity’ of Jesus of Nazareth.
It is an original and provocative work in that it not only names the biological father of Jesus and systematically dismantles the major church doctrines of the 'Trinity' and the 'Miraculous Incarnation', but also offers evidence that, aside from his extraordinary qualities of character, the New Testament writers regarded Jesus as a normal man in every respect.

It also reveals the reasons why such 'fabulous' doctrines were adopted subsequent to the crucifixion.
The work is presented in the form of a novel where forensics, intrigue, romance, betrayal, and the ultimate in conspiracy theories grip the reader from first to last.
Linkages have been made throughout between historical fact and the fictional events portrayed in the novel. The framework thus created sets the scene for a classic dénouement that integrates the entire work and postulates the existence of a centuries-old ‘conspiracy’, breathtaking in its scope and ambition, factual in essence but fictional in the detail.

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Comments by other Members

TheGodfather at 06:13 on 16 February 2005  Report this post
Is this a book review? I'm a bit confused.


TheGodfather at 07:29 on 16 February 2005  Report this post

Ah. That makes more sense to me now. Congratulations on the publishing of your book! Quite a milestone I'm sure. I can only dream of that day for myself at this point. Relish the moments.


Account Closed at 14:51 on 16 February 2005  Report this post
This sounds fascinating - fingers crossed that it'll be the next fiction sensation.


Terry Edge at 15:47 on 16 February 2005  Report this post

It would have been helpful if you'd explained that this is just an advert for your book. You've put it up as piece of work for critiquing, which means quite a few people on this site, like myself, are going to waste time reading this with a view to commenting, then get confused when they can't work out what it is, finally realising that all you've given us is your stock ad. Why not post some of the book itself, or at least some other writing that you actually need some help with?


vynnie at 20:04 on 16 February 2005  Report this post
Sorry all, I'm new to this! I'll post the first few pages of the book shortly.

old friend at 08:57 on 17 February 2005  Report this post


I have not read the Da Vinci Code but the premise sounds very much like your book. Perhaps there is a trend or a fashion for this.

I should also welcome reading your first few pages.

One thought did occur to me when I read about the Da Vinci Code... this was that perhaps if we were living in another Society, I wonder if a 'Western' Fatwa would be 'declared' against certain Authors, and large groups of Christians might assemble in chanting and threatening protests outside the bookshops.


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