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Noah in a boilersuit

by goldenpath 

Posted: 23 February 2005
Word Count: 255
Summary: Don't know what this is, maybe a bit twee? Feedback greatly appreciated

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Old George next door is building an ark in his shed
Concocted from cast-off fence post and ossifying lumber
Among thick-skinned rainbow coated tins
Rust encrusted nails in dust jacketed jars
And skeletal spiders in antique black silk bows

Bandsaw squeals in toy powerboat mantra
Blazing into earshot then a pitch drop in its wake
The missus does the dishes and makes him tea
Sagacious smile gently rising with the steam
Sheltered contemplation in his snuggery

Sirens sang with the rising tides
The scientists announced it after Neighbours
So it must be true
Whatever, best not left to chance
Besides, keeps him from under her feet

That and trips to the allotment
He knows the score
Seen all the re-runs of The Good Life
Course the animals won’t file in with better halves
Just him, the wife and the cat
Maybe the odd snail and worm mingled in cabbage soil
Oblivious to the fuss and blissful alone

“This is important work” he muses over tarpaulin and tallow
“Got to be done for the sake of humanity”
Day dominoes day he toils and labours
Cheery chirrup duets with the songthrush on the fence
Space now a premium in this tumbledown shack

Work-worn fingers cup a world-weary eye
Scanned over yonder hill with lore of dragon slain
By valiant lord fresh from exotic soil
Atop a folly in Theseum fashion
A nod and a wink at this perfect berth

Someday soon he knows
Won’t be long
The changes already reality
“Not long at all and we’re ready”

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