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Morphean Joke

by dewey 

Posted: 25 February 2005
Word Count: 192
Summary: one of many about my isomnia

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Alone and its late, my mind starts to racing
abandoned by sleep, my intellect pacing
within and without the darkness is whirling
alone and its late the room starts to twirl in

pictures and visions and ghosts in my head
demons and monsters surrounding my bed
peopling the shadows in my mind and my room
the pictures and visions of my mind are my tomb

walking the streets my rest left deserted
searching and seeking a conscious converted
the corners and alleys hold my anger my fear
walking the streets they're closing in near

the alcohol numbs my body to pain
knocking me out keeping me sane
soon comes the dawn my body is shaking
the alcohol numbs the body its breaking

I fear for my mind but then comes the light
here grows a new morn redemption in sight
the day it saves my soul for a time
I fear for my mind at night its not mine

with daylight and sun comes the peace and the calm
the waking of man with morning alarm
the smiling of friends the warmth of the day
with daylight and sun my hauntings decay

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Comments by other Members

paul53 [for I am he] at 18:27 on 27 March 2005  Report this post
And no one has commented? Went to read the rest of your stuff after catching Hidden In Me on the Random Read. This is good, despite it reading like a rap song [not a bad thing, but a slight distraction from the content when reading it]. As I said elsewhere, join a poetry group here, and the more comments you leave for others, the more will come your way. I take tablets to promote sleep; insomnia must be a living hell.

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