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Sleeping with ghosts

by Ellenna 

Posted: 03 July 2003
Word Count: 99
Summary: second part of writing exercise..

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My bed holds history. As a child i begged my parents to let me have it.
And now i do. Its light oak and 18th century with silken padding. ..How many have died here ?..how many have loved?Sometimes I feel the swirling ghosts and I am transported in half dream to courtesan nights and candle light and other times I feel the loneliness of a life ending .Both my brother and I were born in it .It always seemed so huge as ,giggling children, we trampolined; but I now lie in it. A single life in a double bed.

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Comments by other Members

Jabulani at 09:52 on 04 July 2003  Report this post
This is so interesting - the bed comes across as this steady constant with a whirl of lives past and your own changing life captured within it. You say 'it always seemed so huge' but there is a sense that you are small and insignificant in the life of this bed.

Anna Reynolds at 22:07 on 05 July 2003  Report this post
Maria- some lovely stuff here. 'A single life in a double bed' gives rise to all sorts of thoughts and half stories, and I loved 'as a child I begged my parents to let me have it.' This is such a strong image that I don't think you need to say 'My bed holds history'. It's much stronger to let that history speak as you have done by hinting at and sometimes overtly telling us what that history is. On the same note, I wonder if you really need 'How many have lived here? how many have died here?' as again, you hint and tell and that is much more exciting than posing the question. The sheer fact that it's 18th century and that you and your brother (or fictional you! I don't assume anything) were born there is wonderfully evocative and simple. And the sense of space but also of lonelines sometimes is fab.

Ellenna at 22:59 on 05 July 2003  Report this post
thank you Anna .. oh by the way I am Ellie not Maria :)Yes i wanted to give the feel that in a way I was rather incidental to the life of this bed..... thanks again Anna for great comments


Anna Reynolds at 00:38 on 06 July 2003  Report this post
Ellie- so sorry! Anyway, nice piece of work, Ellie.

LONGJON at 06:56 on 06 July 2003  Report this post
Beautiful writing, Ellena, but the last line " a single life in a double bed" is a line you should copyright. It is the title of a book, a poem, a film. Grab that line and work it to death.
Just make sure that you let me read it first!

Take care

John P.

Ellenna at 10:04 on 06 July 2003  Report this post
John thank you for your generous comment..its put a smile on my face :)


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