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The Amnesiac (revised draft, 2005)

by wordman67 

Posted: 11 March 2005
Word Count:
Summary: When Brian is mugged and loses his memory, his friends begin to compete for his attention, each presenting a different self-serving version of the past.

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Comments by other Members

Courtney S Hughes at 12:11 on 16 March 2005  Report this post
Mr Munch,

I have just read through the Amnesiac again (a testament to its quality in itself considering it's nearly 70 pages) and well done!

Emily and Chuck now have an alterior motive that they never had before and it is worked in nicely. It's very hard for me to comment on what else you can do to really finish this piece off. It is very well written and structured and I think that any remaining issues would easily be worked out in rehearsal so nothing to worry about there.

Are you still having trouble getting it put on? It goes to show that sometimes te quality of the narrative and writting isn't as important as being in the right place at the right time. Keep on plugging away with it and lets hope that you get a production off the ground soon.




Oh yes, nearly forgot... ACT ONE is shorter and flows better. There has been substantial cutting here and it makes the first act more concise (by more than a dozen pages). Well done, a successful re-write.

wordman67 at 19:37 on 13 June 2005  Report this post
Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement. I am still trying to get a production of this play off the ground, either here in the US or over in the UK. Wish me luck.

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