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Dreams of Reality

by AmairaRose 

Posted: 30 May 2005
Word Count: 303

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"Hahahaha!" she laughed as she ran through the streets downtown. Unaware of the peoples stares on her, she kept on running throught the downtown streets. Suddenly you could hear the familiar sounds of cop cars. eRRReeoOORoo! EerEEoooo! She turned to look at the cop cars that were speeding after her, lights flashing. In her mind she was still laughing as the cops surrounded her. She had not a clue to why they were after her or why everyone had been staring at her. Then a cop approached her warily and said "Miss, would you kindly get in the car and get some clothes on?" She looked down, to realize she had been nude. Suddenly embarrased, she replied "This.. can't be.. It has to be a dream! It's not real!" The cop that had approached her assured her that everything was not a dream and again asked her to get in the car.

This time she answered by screaming. aaaaaAAAAAAAHHHH!! Even as she was screaming she sat up in her bed covered in sweat. Her mom came in to see what was wrong. "What's wrong hunny?" she asked. "Had a bad dream?" The girl nodded and wiped the sweat from her forehead. Her mom continued, "Can you tell me what it was about? It will help you feel better it you talk about it." The girl then proceded to tell her mother about her dream. After she had finished her mother nooded and said, "That reminds me. In this mornings news story there was a girl about your age who was running aroung downtown in the nude. But when the police caught up with her, she disappered." The girl hearing this, let out a small scream and then fainted. Her mother, not sure what was wrong, pulled the covers over her daughter...

The End.

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Comments by other Members

bjlangley at 10:26 on 01 June 2005  Report this post
Hi AmairaRose, and welcome to the site. Often when pieces reveal that 'it was all a dream' it can be a little disappointing, but I like the way this reveal comes in the middle, and we get further developments in the story later on, with her mother revealing something similar really happened. I thought the mother's dialogue was perhaps a little too convenient in the way she said it - I would expect her to be a little more alarmed by it.

Wasn't sure about "eRRReeoOORoo! EerEEoooo!" it looked a little out of place, and I spent way too long trying to sound it out to see if it really sounded like a siren...

It's an interesting piece.

All the best,


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