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Sci-fi cover blurb - comments welcomed.

by viky7258 

Posted: 31 May 2005
Word Count: 161
Summary: This is a cover blurb and I was wondering what people will make of the idea - it was just one I was playing around with really. I have the scenarios, characters and everything worked out it's just putting finger to keyboard to now bring them to life if the story is good enough. Any thoughts are very welcomed.

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The Alando are a species of extra-terrestrial creatures that get their entertainment from watching others in their struggle to survive. Inhabitants are taken from different planets and then transported to the ‘games’. In total there are thirty beings that are put simultaneously into a dome, once the dome is opened each of the thirty individuals are free to make their own way in their new world.

Each of the thirty individuals are fitted with an enhancement embryo that alters their brainwaves so that communications between all species concerned are possible, unfortunately the DNA of each new captive is also altered through this process – even worse for those concerned any changes are fully controllable at the discretion of their hosts.

The five earthlings within the group must now survive and adapt to their new surroundings, new bodies and possibly the hardest of all each other.

Where will it all end and who will be the winner as Reality T.V goes Galactic?

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Comments by other Members

Myrtle at 19:42 on 01 June 2005  Report this post
Probably not the sort of book I'd read but sounds like a good idea nonetheless. Were you going to write it quite 'straight' SF or make it more commercial and go for the humour angle? I'll look out for it when you put the first chapter up anyway.


jane199 at 21:10 on 01 June 2005  Report this post

It is a great idea and I'll look out for your first chapter. How will the idea translate to a novel though? Will it be a satire on the human fascination with living vicariously through entertainment or will it a be character driven story or both? I think my point is similar to Myrtle's Will it be just for fun or a serious exploration of the human dilemma by analogy with a distorted fictional world?


viky7258 at 21:35 on 01 June 2005  Report this post
It'll be a character driven story primarily, not a thoroughly serious one though, I'd like it to be interesting and fun to read, it's a matter of playing with the ideas I have though to make this work. It may not be too sci-fi for true sci-fi fans and maybe too sci-fi for typical fiction fans... I guess it's a matter of balancing it just right.

I'll have a tinker with the current ideas I have and hopefully upload a chapter or two soon.

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