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Black Fiction Archive

Black Fiction - 20 Most Recent
 A Family Affair  mike061888(8)
 Fifty Sex  nigelh1(8)
 Double Ooh Pussy  whoopsadaisy(9)
 The Foundling.  choille(12820)
 The Magic Coach  prof(8)
 Venetian Masquerade  Flamenca(78)
 Our Lizzie  Flamenca(78)
 Making Dead Folks Look Fine  mcspreaden(50)
 Shocked  radavies1uk(1039)
 Serendipitous shortcomings  DomSanchez(90)
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A Family Affair (01/03/2014)
Fifty Sex (15/02/2013)
Double Ooh Pussy (03/10/2010)
The Foundling. (18/06/2010)
The Magic Coach (21/12/2009)
Venetian Masquerade (09/09/2009)
Our Lizzie (03/05/2009)
Making Dead Folks Look Fine (23/07/2007)
Shocked (09/06/2007)
Serendipitous shortcomings (05/05/2007)