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Humour Fiction - 20 Most Recent
 The book case  Practicer(1034)
 The mop spillover  Practicer(1034)
 A Rebel`s Roundabout  Deewrites(882)
 The Seventh Exit  scriever(944)
 A Quiet Night  scriever(944)
 A Quiet Night  scriever(944)
 Under The Bed  scriever(944)
 The Space Kebabs of Death!  scriever(944)
 The Space Kebabs of Death!  scriever(944)
 Who`s There?  scriever(944)
 A Tale of New York  scriever(944)
 The Circus Comes To Town  scriever(944)
 PART 13: Memories of a Bar Steward  The Bar Stward(2267)
 A Porche Mistake  dharker(4067)
 Diary of a Random - 15th October  Nelly39(57)
 Just Follow the Instructions  Cornelia(19337)
 Aches and Pains  Cornelia(19337)
 Aches and Pains  Cornelia(19337)
 Russell Square Escorts are beautifu..  dannyedison(8)
 Ahead of the Game  Cornelia(19337)
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The book case (01/09/2020)
The mop spillover (02/11/2019)
A Rebel`s Roundabout (26/10/2017)
The Seventh Exit (03/08/2017)
A Quiet Night (27/05/2017)
A Quiet Night (26/05/2017)
Under The Bed (12/04/2017)
The Space Kebabs of Death! (30/03/2017)
The Space Kebabs of Death! (30/03/2017)
Who`s There? (18/03/2017)
A Tale of New York (07/01/2017)
The Circus Comes To Town (30/12/2016)
PART 13: Memories of a Bar Steward (26/09/2013)
A Porche Mistake (09/09/2013)
Diary of a Random - 15th October (03/05/2013)
Just Follow the Instructions (25/09/2012)
Aches and Pains (13/09/2012)
Aches and Pains (04/09/2012)
Russell Square Escorts are beautiful and Affordable (08/08/2012)
Ahead of the Game (19/07/2012)
The Final Straw (02/01/2012)
2:30pm Lunch (10/08/2011)
Fate and The Fax Machine. (02/08/2011)
Sense and Stupidity (30/05/2011)
Troublesome Trolley (24/05/2011)
Gross Misconduct (22/05/2011)
Dragonslayer (20/05/2011)
Hey Pretty (31/03/2011)
Cross Purposes (31/03/2011)
At the Elventh Hour (29/03/2011)
Well-matched (21/01/2011)
A Book at Bedtime (03/09/2010)
Egon Chips Dies Aged 134 (14/06/2010)
PART 12: Memories of a bar steward (20/02/2010)
Synopsis of Memoirs of a bar steward DRAFT 5 (16/02/2010)
Synopsis of Memoirs of a bar steward: Draft 3 (04/02/2010)
Synopsis of Memoirs of a bar steward (30/01/2010)
Grandah`s Credit Crunch (24/12/2009)
Memoirs of a bar steward (18/11/2009)
PART 11: Memories of a bar steward (15/10/2009)
Miranda and Wendy P2 (29/07/2009)
A Funny Way Of Doing it... (23/07/2009)
PART 10: Memories of a bar steward (08/07/2009)
PART 9: Memories of a bar steward (26/06/2009)
PART 4: Memories of a bar steward (09/05/2009)
Memories of a bar steward: All PARTS uploaded so far... (06/04/2009)
Ch 3: In Nobody`s Eyes But Mine (01/12/2008)
Ch 2: In Nobody`s Eyes But Mine (27/11/2008)
Ch 1: In Nobody`s Eyes But Mine (25/11/2008)
In the Spirit of Maggie Figgs (29/09/2008)
The ruinage of the Argos Stationary utensil still photographer (18/09/2008)
OUR LAD RICKY (31/07/2008)
Equal Footing (29/07/2008)
Impressing Pru (01/05/2008)
UK Government : Hospital waiting lists exposed. (31/12/2007)
on the trail of the giant squid (16/09/2007)
The Raft (13/09/2007)
Tim Ferior (09/08/2007)
My ex-boss (19/07/2007)
Cut The Bull Chapter 2 (25/05/2007)
CSI Spoof (25/01/2007)
What the Aliens Learnt at the Bingo Hall (06/12/2006)
Barry The Badger (29/11/2006)
Harrys Plot (15/11/2006)
Dating in London, by Fenchurch Girl (27/09/2006)
Three String Blues (01/08/2006)
The Paddington Plan (17/07/2006)
The greatest love of all? (21/04/2006)
The Wake (11/04/2006)
Whoop Whoop (05/03/2006)
Vertically challenged Wolves (08/02/2006)
Disgusting Habits (07/02/2006)
Two In The Bush (12/11/2005)
Mind Damaged: Chapters 5-6 (01/09/2005)
Mind Damaged, Chapter 1-2 (30/08/2005)
Conversation that ends abruptly on a midsummerís afternoon.- (25/07/2005)
The Self-Surgery Web Page (14/07/2005)
Things can only get better (11/07/2005)
Chilton "Sufferin` Slim" Downis (1901 - 2001) (18/05/2005)
Baxter Gumshield (1953 - 1999) (09/05/2005)
Taking a dip or trying to and failing to cajole a shag out of girls on MSN (29/04/2005)
David Bloody Armstrong!!! (27/04/2005)
Funkel Nostrum (1858-1921) (26/04/2005)
Angela Bromley Has Massive Tits (19/04/2005)
The obituary of Betrand Zelwig (09/04/2005)
Tony Blair: The Wilderness Years - A Novel (15/02/2005)
Company of Fools (08/02/2005)
Who`s Afraid of the Wolf? (13/11/2004)
The Dream Workshop (28/07/2004)
Audiville Times small ads V (06/07/2004)
My Next of Kin (04/07/2004)
Audiville Times small ads II (23/06/2004)
Audiville Times small ads (21/06/2004)
Audiville Times property pages (18/06/2004)
Council in unspeakable twinning horror (16/06/2004)
Education shocker for elderly (12/06/2004)
Chez Audiman: menu (10/06/2004)
CindeRossel (06/06/2004)
Naughty legislation pushed through? (06/06/2004)
Government denies dumbing-down exams (02/06/2004)
Resolution (01/06/2004)
The little charmer who may never own a TT (28/05/2004)
Little-known medical conditions (26/05/2004)
Fire Service Open Day (24/05/2004)
Taxing new laws for taxi drivers (20/05/2004)
A Day In The Life (13/04/2004)
Noise in the Sky (29/03/2004)
G 7 (23/01/2004)
Desktop Confessional (22/01/2004)
Under the Red Dragon (19/01/2004)
travelling by muck tub (11/11/2003)
Mother Love (01/10/2003)
She Fell Asleep On The Beano (08/09/2003)
Don`t Jump - I`ll miss celebrity squares (15/08/2003)
Now That You`re A Lottery Winner (15/08/2003)
Hello Ambulance... I`ve knocked down scooby doo (14/08/2003)
Its a Text Thing (02/08/2003)
Bryan (31/07/2003)
DD saves the day (19/07/2003)
Santa Files (23/05/2003)
The Chickens, The Garden and me. (07/05/2003)
The Porpoise Prologue (23/04/2003)
Foreboding (06/03/2003)