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Surrealist Poetry Archive

Surrealist Poetry - 20 Most Recent
 Nomads of the Underworld  laura inglese(8)
 A Presidential Nightmare  Midnight_Sun(1164)
 The Wanderers  Otter(74)
 The white and shining orb  Otter(74)
 the 25th hour  coldness(8)
 Hitler `if.  Macnigeria(8)
 The Pickled Onion On The Buffet Pla..  Mickey(3249)
 But I`m Blind  laurafraser(1935)
 Unprofound Secrets  laurafraser(1935)
 Identity Crisis.(an inanimate tale)  Lawrenco(2074)
 OUI.  Lawrenco(2074)
 Stolen  poemsgalore(3779)
 A bit of a punt  Lawrenco(2074)
 Snippet-Frustrated-Cross.  Lawrenco(2074)
 Pebble  Douglas(20)
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Nomads of the Underworld (17/07/2011)
A Presidential Nightmare (08/07/2011)
The Wanderers (04/05/2007)
The white and shining orb (28/04/2007)
the 25th hour (30/11/2005)
Hitler `if. (16/10/2004)
The Pickled Onion On The Buffet Plate (28/09/2004)
But I`m Blind (28/07/2004)
Unprofound Secrets (26/07/2004)
Identity Crisis.(an inanimate tale) (02/07/2004)
OUI. (28/04/2004)
Stolen (10/02/2004)
A bit of a punt (04/12/2003)
Snippet-Frustrated-Cross. (02/12/2003)
Pebble (21/04/2003)