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Self Publishing - Introduction

Struan, self-published by Richard Brown
WriteWords expert Richard Brown shares his experiences in the world of self-publishing

Are you, for whatever reason, considering publishing your own work?

Unfortunately, some vanity publishers have tarnished the idea of self-originated publication; many of them notoriously over-charge and under-promote. No doubt there are honourable exceptions but the risks of paying someone to produce your books are very high.

We at WriteWords advocate the utmost caution in connection with companies which demand money for publishing books.

However, doing the entire thing yourself is a completely different matter you are in complete control. I knew personally one writer, alas now dead, who self-published his first novel and who then went on, several novels later, to win the Booker Prize. There are stories a-plenty about others who started by investing in their own talent and who eventually established serious literary reputations. Self-publication is not at all disreputable. Its your money and your product and you can do as you wish.

I write as someone who has self-published, with an entirely satisfactory outcome. I have also several times acted as publisher for a client. This article gives the benefit of my experience. It also offers advice and cost guidelines from a printing company with which I have worked on several projects and which I can thoroughly recommend.

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