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Self Publishing - Writing, Proofing and Editing

You have the idea, the drive, the stamina; all that it takes to produce the thousands of words that will become your book. Maybe you prefer to write longhand, perhaps you are adept at word-processing. Whatever method you use to compose the text, at some point it is going to have to be converted into a format which the printers can use in their machines. It obviously makes economic sense to produce properly formatted copy yourself. Later in this article, our friendly printers have explained how to do this.

However, donít worry if technology is not your thing; you can always pay someone to convert the text but this, of course, will add to the final unit cost of your book. The printers will normally be able to recommend a good typographer.
It is entirely possible to proof-read your own work but most of us have quirks of punctuation and spelling which no amount of re-reading can reveal as errors. In my experience the relatively small price for someone to comb the text is well worth paying.
No matter how skilled you are as a writer it is important to remember that almost all books which reach the shops have been professionally edited. Sometimes we writers get too close to our own text and canít see the deficiencies which are obvious to an objective reader. Editing, though not essential, is strongly recommended.

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