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Blog » Do you know about WriteWords Groups? Interested in helping to form one for Film/TV/Radio writers?

31 Dec  

As you'll know, if you've put your head round the door of WriteWords before, Groups are at the heart of the site. A group can be centred on a particular genre or market, or be about process - it's up to the members.

Members of a WriteWords Group can share writing, get feedback from people who've got to know your writing and what you're trying to do, set up prompts or competitions, pass on tips and information, have a Yay or a Boo about what's going on in your writing with friends who know what it's all about ... or do anything else that seems likely to be useful, enriching, or just plain fun.

The Groups home-page is here:


You can see the range of groups, apply to join an existing group, or show interest in a proposed group: once four people join, it goes live.

And now Site Expert Anna Reynolds has suggested a new group for WWers who are interested - or experienced - in all forms of scriptwriting. Scriptwriting isn't just for people who think of themselves as playwrights or scriptwriters - there's a fascinating cross-fertilisation that happens when you start thinking about forms you're not used to working in. Some WriteWords members have been working in dramatic forms for years, others are just giving it a go for the first time.

So, if you think that might be of interest to you, pop along to the thread here:


and have your say!


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