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7 Jan  

This morning it really is impossible to ignore the fact that it's a New Year, a new start... If you had a good break over Christmas, this time of year can be daunting, but it's also refreshing - like a splash of water in the face after a long, hot laze on the beach. So what's around on WriteWords, that might help you to get moving?

In GROUPS, Fast First Draft is - um - drafting their first drafts fast. It's the NaNoWriMo approach for people who don't want to stop and edit-in-depth as they go along, but instead "build without tearing down". So the group doesn't critique the work (it would be like trying to critique the spots on a passing cheetah) but just support each other, chuck problems into the ring for discussion, and generally help to grease each other's wheels.

In the FORUM, there's a very New-Year-ish and inspiring conversation about how to increase your productivity. And if your New Year's Resolution is to finish the damn novel, but you're not sure where or what that longed-for finish will be, a chinese box of a thread with links to other threads, might help.

And if you think giving yourself a brief and a deadline is the way to get yourself going, then have a look in JOBS & OPPS; there are two new one-act-playwriting competitions for the New Year, as well as a host of others which are still open. Good luck!


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