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5 Feb  

"Once I’m up and running with something, I have a routine that means I have a three session working day i.e. morning, afternoon and evening. I rarely write after about 9.30 in the evening because by that time I like to have a glass of wine or two and I don’t write when I have been drinking. I write both in my office and at home." - Willy Russell

"A page-turner keeps me excited – a gripping story that I can’t put down – this can be humorous, emotional or quite dark. Our challenge if we have a book at Poolbeg Press, is to try and get that message across to the public" - Paula Campbell, Poolbeg Press

You probably noticed the interview with Michael Rosen, which went up on the Home Page a few weeks ago, but did you know that WriteWords has a huge archive of such interviews?

That's not so surprising, since it holds over a decade of interviews with the great, the good, the interesting and the downright odd among novelists, poets, playwrights, editors, magazines and  agents.

The list runs from 42nd Theatre company and A L Berridge to Zoe Williams, by way of MBA Literary Agency and WritersRoom BBC. Here, you can browse by name, by category, by date added or just pop in to see what's been added recently.

But what's even more fascinating is that we've asked some questions of lots of interviewees, and then collated the answers.

Click through to find out what writers like Sara Maitland, Michael Ridpath and Claire Allen said when they were asked for any tips or trick or things to avoid

And what did Zoe Fairbairns, Jenny Eclair and others say when they were asked "How did/do you handle rejections?"

Meanwhile, industry professionals from agent Andrew Lownie to Paines Plough theatre company answered the question, "How do you find writers?"

Dive in!


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