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Blog » From Coffee-Table Books to the biggest, longest, rip-roarenest, blackest, scaliest..allegator. (not a typo!)

5 Mar  

One question that came up in the Getting Published forum this week was How to Put together and Publish a Coffee-table Book, and it elicited a fantastically helpful and detailed answer from WriteWorder MPayne, who in her day job writes, edits and commissions exactly that kind of book.

In Film, TV & Radio Reviews, longstanding WriteWords reviewer Zettel posts his review of what really mattered in this year's Oscars
, and as so often, the conversations developed all sorts of interesting ramifications - Art Deco cinemas, Man on Wire, and whether Les Miserables is a man's movie.

And in the Technique forum a question came up about what "rip-roaring" actually means, and a quick hunt tracked down this, among other gorgeous quotations: "1845 J. J. Hooper Some Adventures Simon Suggs x. 127 And I seed the biggest, longest, rip-roarenest, blackest, scaliest..allegator."


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