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Posted on 15/02/2014 by  Jed Jones  ( x Hide posts by Jed Jones )

No, it seems EVERY blog post is limited to 255 characters; still, that's more than you get on Twitter.

Hoping only the first blog post is max 255 characters

Posted on 15/02/2014 by  Jed Jones  ( x Hide posts by Jed Jones )

For £35 I hope I can post the structure and contents of my novel somewhere other than uploaded work for review (as this is not for review)

Dorset Allsorts

Posted on 03/02/2014 by  Bunbry  ( x Hide posts by Bunbry )

This is not about writing, but is a collection of my photographs from the beautiful county of Dorset.

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How do you write about the feeling of terror?

Posted on 02/02/2014 by  Annecdotist  ( x Hide posts by Annecdotist )

How does one write about terror? I donít mean the delicious spine tingling sensation evoked by the thriller or horror story, the literary equivalent of Halloween or the latest upside-down turbocharged fairground ride. Iím thinking that raw state of mind when logic goes out the window and with it any trace of pride or self-consciousness, when body and brain conspire towards a sole objective: survival. Even Verdiís glorious Dies Irae doesnít do justice to the torment.

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Essential Research Visit

Posted on 27/01/2014 by  Macwriter  ( x Hide posts by Macwriter )

Keeping my beer hand warm while grasping a glass of Sixpenny Handley bitter ( the village where the microbrewery is situated, not the price) took determination in January. There is only room for six people in the tiny bar attached to the brewing shed, so itís strictly for refilling-the drinking area is in the yard outside. Note to self: Take heed of the regulars and bring a ďBeer gloveĒ next time.

The standard Best Bitter is refreshingly well-bodied with a good depth of taste, while their Sixpenny Handley Gold,their summer ale, is well worth a try if you enjoy something lighter and brighter . Adding weight and colour to the range is Sixpenny Handley Black , a honey porter.

Sixpenny Handley Tap serves it own beers strictly 4.30- 6.30pm Wednesday to Friday and 11.30-1PM on Saturdays. My advice: don't deny your tastebuds if you prefer real beer straight from the brewery, but best to try a summer night or come equipped . Oh, and Wednesdays is cheese night so bring something to throw into the pot. There is always a shortage of crackers apparently, but then you need to be a bit crackers to stand outside in winter and drink beer .

Don't Stop

Posted on 26/01/2014 by  eve26  ( x Hide posts by eve26 )

How to stop the distractions...

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Imperfect pitch

Posted on 22/01/2014 by  Annecdotist  ( x Hide posts by Annecdotist )

With another choral concert in the offing, Iíve been conscious recently of my far-from-perfect pitch. Alas, itís not just musically Iím challenged, but Iíve been struggling with pitching my fiction since an agent workshop around eighteen months ago when I failed dismally to reduce my oeuvre to three sentences, despite my novel being in a not-at-all-desperate state of health. Although Iíve improved dramatically since then, I still find pitching difficult

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In defence of telling

Posted on 18/01/2014 by  Annecdotist  ( x Hide posts by Annecdotist )

Show, donít tell is something of a clichť in creative writing parlance yet, when I first encountered it, it felt like a paradigm shift. Iíd been writing on and off all my life without knowing there were any rules about it, and I embraced this one with gusto. My stories unfolded through a series of scenes, generously seasoned with dialogue and real-world interactions. I aspired to make my colours vivid and my smells pungent and anything masquerading as an information drop became taboo. My writing wasnít particularly lyrical, and I learned to love cutting the bits that werenít earning their keep, but overall I wanted the reader to get so close to my characters it was as if theyíd taken up residence in their bodies.

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The Wonder of Rejections

Posted on 11/01/2014 by  eve26  ( x Hide posts by eve26 )

Why rejections shouldn't matter

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Happy New (Writing) Year

Posted on 10/01/2014 by  eve26  ( x Hide posts by eve26 )

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