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The Historical Novel

Posted on 03/03/2016 by  SueL  ( x Hide posts by SueL )

I was intrigued when I discovered that Sir Herbert Butterfield, the historian had written a book about historical fiction.

Sir Herbert Butterfield (1900-1979) took up the chair of modern history at the University of Cambridge in 1944 and was appointed to the Regius Professorship of modern history in 1963. He was editor of the Cambridge Historical Journal from 1938 to 1955 and president of the Historical Association from 1955 to 1958. He was also master of Peterhouse from 1955 to 1968 and vice chancellor of the university from 1959 to 1961. He was knighted in 1968.

As an undergraduate at Peterhouse he entered the Le Bas prize (offered annually for an essay written on a literary subject, the winning entry to be published by Cambridge University Press). It was this essay, which was the basis for Butterfields first book The Historical Novel (1924).

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Conversation with God.

Posted on 07/02/2016 by  yomieso  ( x Hide posts by yomieso )

I ask who is God?
He says he is the creator of heaven and earth
I ask why God?
He says His grace is sufficient but I have free choice
I ask where God?
He says right here in your heart, I have never left you.
I ask when God?
He says unless born again, i cannot see kingdom of heaven
I ask what God?
He says love your neighbour as yourself no greater commandment

Making the Monster

Posted on 25/01/2016 by  V`yonne  ( x Hide posts by V`yonne )

Making the Monster found a home at The Curly Mind

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Posted on 25/01/2016 by  V`yonne  ( x Hide posts by V`yonne )

[url=https://postcardpoemsandprose.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/liberation-by-oonah-v-joslin/]Liberation[/url] was never posted here but it found a home at PostcardPoems and Prose.

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A Christmas Canzonet

Posted on 16/12/2015 by  V`yonne  ( x Hide posts by V`yonne )

Our CHRISTMAS CANZONET from The Linnet's Wings is very special. Browse it online and order copies that will be treasured by whoever gets them.

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Talking cures

Posted on 14/11/2015 by  Debbie ONeill  ( x Hide posts by Debbie ONeill )

‘You want me just to talk, then? OK. Well, when I met Michael, the very first thing he said was that he’d had testicular cancer, which I thought was strange because we’d been e-mailing for about two months by then. Huh, cancer reappeared a few months later, but I’ll try and keep this in order.

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Autumn 2015 Linnet's Wings

Posted on 14/11/2015 by  V`yonne  ( x Hide posts by V`yonne )

The Linnet's Wings is closely associated with The Poetry Group here at WW and this time round I have an editorial about the poems of Vernon Watkins and James Graham is there again with two poems first seen here.

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Mental health and dignity in fiction

Posted on 14/10/2015 by  Annecdotist  ( x Hide posts by Annecdotist )

Following on from last months post for World Suicide Prevention Day, Im marking World Mental Health Day on Annecdotal this weekend. The 2015 theme is dignity, so Im highlighting sympathetic portrayals of mental health issues in fiction. Ive blogged elsewhere about the mental health themes in my own novel, Sugar and Snails

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Every Success has a Beginning

Posted on 01/09/2015 by  Bob Curby  ( x Hide posts by Bob Curby )

Every Success has a Beginning - the Official blogsite of Bob Curby, write, editor and publisher. Here you will find excepts from existing books, notes about future books and links to buy my books from AMAZON, paperback or digital for the Kindle readers.

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How to Not Write

Posted on 30/08/2015 by  GingerTom  ( x Hide posts by GingerTom )

Whether you've got a deadline to meet or not, the act of sitting down and writing every day isn't the easiest of routines to stick to. And while the reasons we come up with for not working on that novel/play/story/poem are pretty much limitless, there are a few that always seem like a good excuse:

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