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Creative writing Course

Summary:  Creative writing Course.     
Type:  One to One Email Correspondence. Beginner.
Duration:  10 weeks.
Fee:  240  

This course focuses on the basics of good creative writing- character, storytelling and dialogue. A mixture of exercises to stimulate your imagination, suggestions for further reading and extracts of good writing.

How does this course work?

  • Having enrolled on the course, the student completes a simple questionnaire in order to provide the tutor with an idea of what the student wants the course to achieve and the prefered timescale.
  • The tutor responds with a summary of the anticipated course structure, based on the student's requirements.
  • When both parties are happy to proceed, the tutor sets the first task.
  • The student returns the task by the agreed time and receives feedback and a new task.
  • The process repeats
  • Tasks may be writing exercises, or they may be based directly on the student's work, for example, suggestions as to how to rework a passage.
  • Throughout there is the opportunity for dialogue via e-mail the course is intended to be interactive and personal.

Areas covered

Topics covered include:
  • Getting to know the tutor and the course, starting some gentle inspirational exercises
  • creating believable, rounded characters
  • setting the scene- using all 5 senses and your writer's sixth sense
  • storytelling- plot, pace, moving the story on
  • dialogue skills- how are you characters talking? different voices
  • choosing your style- whose story is it and how are you telling it?
  • editing- starting to put together a piece of writing and taking ob board advice
  • flash fiction, longer fiction, stage drama
  • how to sell your work
  • This is essentially an on-line, individually-tailored course. We will not burden you with weighty manuals and reference books. The tutor may from time to time supply useful materials and references, which the student is free to utilise in any way best suited to promoting the aims of the course, including printing out and keeping material.
Duration & commitment
  • 10 weeks, within a maximum period of three months. The course is structured as a series of tasks with feedback and comment from the tutor between each task. The tutor will allocate one hour on an agreed day each week to comment on and respond to work, and to set new tasks. We estimate that you should allow between 2-4 hours per week to really get the most from your course. We reccommend taking the course in successive weeks to ensure focus is maintained. Where this is not possible, the 10 weeks can be spread out over a maximum period of three months if required.