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»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>European education
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Further education
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>Academic>Higher education
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>School>Religious education
»»Non-Fiction>Publishers>School>Special education
»»Film & TV>Producers>Education
»»Non-Fiction>Magazines>Further education

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 »»Business Education Publishers Ltd
 »»Child Education
 »»Christian Education
 »»Drake Educational Associates
 »»Educational Explorers
 »»Educational Heretics Press
 »»First & Best in Education Ltd
 »»Framework Press Educational Publishers Ltd
 »»Gardner Education Ltd
 »»Glosa Education Organisation
 »»Heinemann Educational
 »»Hopscotch Educational Publishing Ltd
 »»Letts Educational
 »»Macmillan Education
 »»McGraw-Hill Education
 »»National Association of Writers in Education
 »»Nottingham Playhouse Roundabout Theatre in Education
 »»Pearson Education
 »»Reed Educational & Professional Publishing
 »»Religious & Moral Educational Press (RMEP)
 »»The Times Educational Supplement
 »»The Times Educational Supplement Scotland
 »»Times Higher Education
 »»Ward Lock Educational Co. Ltd