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 »»Advance! Poetry Quarterly
 »»Anvil Press Poetry Ltd
 »»Bad Poetry Quarterly
 »»Bedford Open Poetry Competition
 »»Biscuit Poetry and Fiction Prizes
 »»Breathe Poetry Magazine
 »»Cornish Poetry Journal
 »»Deep Underground Poetry Community
 »»Delhi London Poetry Quarterly
 »»Ergo Poetry
 »»HQ Poetry Magazine (Haiku Quarterly)
 »»Modern Poetry in Translation
 »»Never Bury Poetry
 »»New Departures/Poetry Olympics
 »»Nineties Poetry
 »»Nottingham Poetry Society
 »»Nottngham Poetry Society
 »»Other Poetry
 »»Oxford Poetry
 »»Oxford Poetry Chronicle,
 »»Panic! Brixton Poetry
 »»Partners In Poetry
 »»Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine
 »»Peer Poetry International
 »»Perceptions: Women's Poetry for a Change
 »»Petra Kenney Poetry Competition
 »»Poetry and Audience
 »»Poetry Cornwall
 »»Poetry Digest
 »»Poetry Express
 »»Poetry Library
 »»Poetry Life
 »»Poetry London
 »»Poetry Magazines
 »»Poetry Monthly
 »»Poetry Monthly Press
 »»Poetry Nottingham International
 »»Poetry Postcard Quarterly
 »»Poetry Quarterly Review
 »»Poetry Review
 »»Poetry Scotland
 »»Poetry Wales
 »»Reach Poetry
 »»Salt: International Journal of Poetry and Poetics
 »»Scarborough Poetry Workshop
 »»Survivors' Poetry
 »»Survivors' Poetry Scotland
 »»Templar Poetry
 »»The Frogmore Poetry Prize
 »»The Lighthouse Poetry Quarterly
 »»The Once Orange Badge Poetry Supplement
 »»The Poetry Business
 »»The Poetry Church
 »»The Poetry Kit
 »»The Poetry of Surrender
 »»The Poetry School
 »»The Poetry Society
 »»Ware Poets Open Poetry Competition