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WriteWords Tutor - Emilia di Girolamo

Samples of Emilia's work and approach to comment and criticism can be viewed on the WriteWords Website, where she is a Site Expert.
Emilia di Girolamo works primarily as a screenwriter. She is also an award winning playwright and poet, a published author and journalist. Emilia has a PHD is the rehabilitation of offenders using drama based techniques and a First in Drama from Middlesex University. She lectures in Creative Writing and Writing for Performance at Middlesex University and has also worked extensively in prisons throughout the United Kingdom. She has written for The Guardian, The Times, London Magazine, The Devil and various other women’s and literary magazines. Emilia's leader article, 'Marked for Life', written for The Guardian appears in The Guardian Year 2004 – the best journalism to appear in The Guardian in 2003/04. Her novel FREAKY, is published by Pulp Books.

WriteWords courses by Emilia di Girolamo