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  • Artellus
    by Earth Mothers at 18:01 on 03 April 2008
    Hello, I've submitted to five literary agencies and have had a positive response from Leslie Garner at Artellus. I've sent her some more stuff and have had no request for reading fee. But I've read different things, some good, some not so about Leslie and the agency. Any advice?
  • Re: Artellus
    by daisy2004 at 18:14 on 03 April 2008
    They have a web site and seem perfectly legit.


    Leslie Gardner is also the widow of Anthony Burgess and handles his literary estate.
  • Re: Artellus
    by Colin-M at 18:17 on 03 April 2008
    I phoned her about two years back to find out more about the agency. She came across as quite genuine and only requests full scripts if she thinks it's worth spending the time reading them, rather than charging everyone that comes through the door. The fee is quite small, but when other agencies don't charge and advise you not to pay reading fees, you end up with more questions than answers.

    Maybe the company have changed policy. You could see how far you get without being charged, or just give her a call. If the script it really good, she won't want to let it go for the sake of forty quid.
  • Re: Artellus
    by EmmaD at 23:57 on 03 April 2008
    Are they members of the Association of Authors' Agents? I don't think they can be, as charging a reading fee would rule it out. It also seems odd that the only agent based in the UK is also listed as one of their authors.

  • Re: Artellus
    by Earth Mothers at 13:34 on 04 April 2008
    Thanks Daisy
  • Re: Artellus
    by Earth Mothers at 13:36 on 04 April 2008
    Thanks Colin, that's interesting. She hasn't asked me for any money yet. I sent some more of the ms about a week ago and am still waiting to hear.
  • Re: Artellus
    by Earth Mothers at 16:14 on 04 April 2008
  • Re: Artellus
    by Millinda at 12:35 on 20 October 2008
    I've just read the comment that Leslie Gardner is the widow of Anthony Burgess. According to my research that is incorrect.
  • Re: Artellus
    by Millinda at 12:43 on 20 October 2008
    I submitted to Artellus and they really liked the three chapters I submitted. Someone asked to read the entire ms. I spent a fortune printing a good copy. Each time Artellus wanted to send it to a new publisher they asked me to print a new copy. This cost me a fortune. Finally Artellus agreed to photocopy my ms. I was then advised that an agent should not be ending out a ms without a written agreement between us - i.e. I would not know how much they would finally charge me for photocopying etc. Artellus refused to give me a written agreement. So I left. Artellus retained 70.00 of my money. They held my ms for eighteen months without placing it. I then discovered that the person who was submitting my ms was having his novel published. All in all Artellus wasted eighteen months of my time. They did not offer their own constructive criticism of my ms. And they spoilt my chances with the publishers they submitted it to. Colleagues informed me my ms was too long for a first novel. I wanted all of you to be aware of my experience.
  • Re: Artellus
    by NMott at 14:28 on 20 October 2008
    Interesting, Millinda. It has been reported that Artellus charge a 40 reading fee, refunable if they manage to place the work. And others have reported recieving a report on their work even if the Agency decid not t handle it, but think it has merit. Do they now charge 70? And did you recieve no report, nor an Agent's contract during those 18 months? I'm also curious to know how long your ms is.

    - NaomiM