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  • Excited by new Poet laureates!
    by Anna Reynolds at 16:07 on 10 June 2015
    Both the US and UK have new laureates- Juan Felipe Herrera is the new U.S. Poet Laureate and our own UK Childrens Laureate is the writer and illustrator Chris Riddell. Particularly excited by Riddell as he has promised to post daily (I think) on his laureate site/blog to inspire children to draw and write, and his Goth Girl illustrated book is just beautiful... Does anyone know the works of Herrera?
  • Re: Excited by new Poet laureates!
    by EmmaD at 10:22 on 11 June 2015
    So brilliant about Chris Ridell!

    I've come across a Herrera or two, I think, though I'm not very good at keeping up with the poetry world. But I love the way that these Laureateships seem to be able to keep writing more in the news than it would be otherwise. Both Andrew Motion and Carol Ann Duffy have done so much good.
  • Re: Excited by new Poet laureates!
    by Anna Reynolds at 11:50 on 12 June 2015
    Yes- children I have talked to about it are excited because Riddell promotes both writing and illustration and feels that the link between the two are so important. Must check out Herrera... also think its quite interesting how many geographical areas are having their own poet or other laureates now. Maybe we should have a WW Laureate...?