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  • Site problems
    by Katerina at 18:14 on 04 June 2011
    I'm having real problems on the site - getting into my group etc.

    I keep getting an error message like this one -

    Commercial Short Story

    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e31'

    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeout expired

    /groups/group_home.asp, line 179

    The error message is basically the same, but the last line differs depending where I'm trying to go - groups, lounge etc.

    Anyone else having problems?

    Kat x
  • Re: Site problems
    by BeckyC at 18:35 on 04 June 2011
    I've been having a log-in problem recently - whenever I'm in the Lounge and click on the link to go to Private Members, or vice versa, it logs me out and I have to log back in and go round the houses again from the home page. Don't know if it's related...
  • Re: Site problems
    by Account Closed at 11:20 on 05 June 2011
    Yes, i've had problems logging into our group lately, Kat.
  • Re: Site problems
    by Mox at 12:58 on 05 June 2011
    Yeas, Sometimes. But When I go back n continuously click tik, tik, tik, tik, tik. Then it becomes okay.
  • Re: Site problems
    by NMott at 18:45 on 05 June 2011
    Sometimes the site is running slow (when Admin's doing a backup) and your computer may time you out before the page is uploaded. That's something that would need to be changed on your computer settings, to give your pc more time to upload the psge.

    A log in/out problem is again down to personal computer settings. It's commonly a problem when the computer is set to delete cookies rather than store them, or purges them at regular intervals, and then it'll forget you're logged in.
  • Re: Site problems
    by BeckyC at 21:40 on 05 June 2011
    That's odd, because I'm pretty sure mine isn't set to delete cookies and I'm talking literally within a minute or so of logging in each time, so I think it's unlikely to be purging that regularly. It's only been happening for a month or so... not sure what would have changed since then.
  • Re: Site problems
    by NMott at 23:00 on 05 June 2011
    Do you tick the 'Keep me logged in on this computer' when you sign back in?
    It's unlikely to be a problem on admin's side but you could WWmail David Bruce and ask if it's a problem on your account.
    More likely there's been an update on your computer that means you're pc isn't storing cookies, or the logged in cookie is corrupted so you have to log back in each time you refresh the page.


    Something I've had to do on other websites, but which may help you with yourl og in problems on WW, is to right click on your browser and select 'start in private browsing' since that ignores previously stored cookies and starts afresh.
  • Re: Site problems
    by scotgal at 09:30 on 06 June 2011
    I've been finding that any page on this site takes between 30 seconds and a minute to load. I don't have problems with any other sites, so I don't think it's a computer problem.
  • Re: Site problems
    by david bruce at 12:50 on 06 June 2011
    We are having intermittent problems with loading times, which I'm attempting to unravel. Please have patience!
  • Re: Site problems
    by Anna Reynolds at 12:54 on 06 June 2011
    I've alerted our webmaster to this so am sure he'll be popping in here soon.
  • Re: Site problems
    by GaiusCoffey at 20:55 on 06 June 2011
    'start in private browsing'

    I thought that was intended to protect the guilty when viewing porn?
    Manomi, not for the first time, I view you in a different light.