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  • Re: Oh-oh...big mistake
    by Cornelia at 15:49 on 13 June 2006
    Yes, I have checked out the flats and they are fine for when our writing activities finally pay off. We'll be so far above the Thames we won't even notice floating corpses, never mind condoms. There's plenty of space for salsa dancing. It's more likely to be you than me, though, going by your sparkling career so far. Don't hold your breath about the flat - according to her piece in the Guardian today Lionel Shrivener (We Must Talk About Kevin ) says she's still renting and she's nearly fifty!

    I'm pleased to say Maggie Hamand says I'm OK for the advanced course, but I must book right away as there are only two places left. Who knows, with her help in redrafting my novel, I might be putting in an offer on a Thames-side flat this time next year. I think I'll choose Docklands, this time - go to town by the Jubilee Line.

    I'm not bothered about The Groucho being 'cool', but I've enjoyed walking through Chinatown and Soho to my Chinese classes in Frith Street this year- it never fails to cheer me up.


  • Re: Oh-oh...big mistake
    by Elbowsnitch at 15:58 on 13 June 2006
    Congratulations, Sheila - Docklands it is, then!

  • Re: Oh-oh...big mistake
    by josh edwards at 07:20 on 16 June 2017
    I Made a Big Mistake On the day I left my home Said, Goodbye, sweetheart, I'm goin' I'll come back to you when I get my big break It wasn't long 'til my heart yearned Couldn't wait 'til I returned Looked around and found I made a big mistake.
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  • This 78 message thread spans 6 pages:  < <   1   2   3   4   5  6