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  • column
    by doolin at 21:20 on 01 April 2003
    I have been writing a humourous column for two regional newspapers for the last 18 months. I would like to break into the national magazine /newspaper market. Do agents deal with columnists - if so - who?
    Has anyone got any ideas? Should I approach publications directly with cuttings and a proposal?
  • Re: column
    by Anna Reynolds at 12:57 on 04 April 2003
    Some agents do deal with columnists- one suggestion is have a look in our directory which you can search using specific terms. The other is, you might have to try the old schmoozle-- trying to get to know someone on a national or mag who can get you an in- and then your cuttings and/or ideas will have to speak for themselves. It's always worth a try, particularly because you might just have great timing/luck or write a column that catches someone's eye because it's particularly provocative/sensational/topical/personal. Good luck.