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  • Fees - What to charge?
    by Tybalt at 18:55 on 09 April 2003
    I've been away from Britain for a long, long time and I'd appreciate a bit of guidance on what a reasonable fee would be for writing short pieces for inclusion in children's activity kit booklets (100 - 200 words approx). I saw one job opps ad offered 35p/word for a 50 word piece
    25p/word for a 100 - 150 word piece.
    Would this be standard? I'd be grateful for help on this mundane matter.
  • Re: Fees - What to charge?
    by Beverley Hills at 13:24 on 10 April 2003
    Hi here, try going to the Writers Guild website www.writers.org.uk and once there click on 'rates, '

    The rates are also in the Writers & Artists Yearbook. It definitely has the radio rates anyway. The book should be in all good bookshops or you may find a copy at your local library.

    Welcome back and good luck!


  • Re: Fees - What to charge?
    by Tybalt at 13:37 on 10 April 2003
    Thanks Beverley for the information and the welcome. I'll check the website and the "tome".
  • Re: Fees - What to charge?
    by Anna Reynolds at 16:38 on 10 April 2003
    You could also try www.wordpool.co.uk, an excellent site purely for children's writing/writers. They're specialists. Best of luck.
  • Re: Fees - What to charge?
    by Tybalt at 19:30 on 15 April 2003
    Thanks for your efforts to help. After much research, it would seem that this was classed as marketing copy and goes for anything between 10 and 25 per 100 words.