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  • Re: Vanity publishers
    by Anna Reynolds at 15:11 on 25 April 2003
    And don't forget their son Terry- would you want him as Editorial Director? I think not.
  • Re: Vanity publishers
    by roger at 15:22 on 25 April 2003
    Goes without saying, Anna. But you as ED, now there's a wondeful idea.
  • Re: Vanity publishers
    by Anna Reynolds at 23:56 on 25 April 2003
    I do hope you're not comparing me with him, Roger. Although the actor playing him once came round to move my furniture (during a 'resting' period) there is no other connection.... I hope. What would Terry Duckworth's editorial choices be? I dread to think... but now I will think.

    On a rightfully serious note, going back to the origin of this question, we are about to address this hot topic more thoughtfully. So we'll keep y'all posted.
  • Re: Vanity publishers
    by roger at 06:50 on 26 April 2003
    NO, ANNA! I must learn to express myself more clearly. It went without saying that TD was a dreadful idea, and I thought I'd said that I thought YOU were a WONDERFUL idea. ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON AT ALL! (Mind, you I do think it's quite impressive getting a Corri star to mmove yyour furniture).

    But yes, a piece on the site about vanity publishers...why not to use them, who they are etc...is, I think, an excellent idea.
  • Re: Vanity publishers
    by paul53 at 14:33 on 06 May 2003
    I had poetry vanity published years ago in variously headed anthologies. As a contributor, I paid the entry fee and bought copies to give to my mum and friends. My mum and friends were the only folk ever to see let alone read the books, apart that is from the mums and friends of other contributors. A pyschological boost? If so, it was shallow and fleeting. Courting vanity publishers is like shackling yourself to an uncaring partner: hopefully there comes a time when you realise you deserve much better.
  • Re: Vanity publishers
    by Anna Reynolds at 23:43 on 06 May 2003
    Well said. Although I do think there's a clear difference between vanity publishing and self publishing- anyone heard of Dave Eggars? I like to think that one of the nice things about self publishing, or publishing on demand, is that it removes a tiny bit of power from the commercially oriented, major conglomerate, anti-independent publishing monopoly.
  • Re: Vanity publishers
    by uriel at 00:17 on 09 May 2003
    People write books and in most cases suffer rejections and depressions. Better not live in illusions. The number of writer perhaps exceeds the number of available readers. Still, we can help you publish your mansucript in the original language and in more languages and it will not cost you to publish!

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