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  • Big break, Big emotions?
    by Scott at 17:20 on 21 April 2003
    How did you get your big break and how did that effect you in the many aspects that it can?
  • Re: Big break, Big emotions?
    by Account Closed at 12:13 on 22 April 2003
    If you mean big break as in getting something published, I'll run away now and never again grace this particular discussion...

    I've not had a "big break" as such, and nor do I anticipate one in the near future. All I know is that towards the end of last year I was suffering from high stress levels and depression, and after a few months of writing, I feel just fine.

    Writing, for me, is therapeutic. So long as my writing gives me a release and helps me, that's enough to make it worth my while. That's not to say, of course, that I'm not going to throw random pieces of work at the odd competition of course. Shying away from the limelight is one thing, purposefully denying myself an opportunity to win a little hard cash is quite another.