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  • Info for Rejectomancers
    by Terry Edge at 18:53 on 10 July 2014
    A very interesting blog post from CC Finlay on the issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction that he edited. Gives a good insight into what sorts of submissions a magazine like that receives - gender breakdown, numbers of pro writers, etc:


    Of course, I sent in a story. This was my rejection letter:

    "Thanks for submitting "The Great Stink." There's some good writing in here, especially the voice, which was great. But the beginning of the story didn't grab me fast enough so I'm going to pass on it. Best of luck to you placing this one elsewhere, and thanks again for giving me a chance to read it. If I do this again I hope to see more stories from you.

    C.C. Finlay
    Guest Editor
    The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction"