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  • Reviews before submitting
    by NGwriter at 14:15 on 09 August 2017
    Hi all

    anyone know of any websites where I can find someone to review or beta read the second draft of my children's novel? I've already used Goodreads.com but they are American so I'd rather find an English website. 


  • Re: Reviews before submitting
    by Freebird at 15:31 on 06 September 2017
    If you can afford it, you could always get a professional manuscript appraisal. It costs a bit, but I can give you the details of an excellent professional children's editor who will give you a detailed report and recommendations of what needs changing - and how to do it. I had one done once and found it invaluable.
  • Re: Reviews before submitting
    by NGwriter at 15:59 on 06 September 2017
    That would be great - yes please. Did that book get published after you used them or are you still editing based on feedback? Just want to figure out if it is worth the money - they are mega expensive!