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  • Interesting opportunity- remember this guy?
    by Anna Reynolds at 16:54 on 28 October 2014
    Dom Joly is fronting a new media website, which will bring together 1000 of the UK's wittiest and most dynamic writers for a sideways look at the stories making the news.
    Launching Spring 2015, 'Runaview' has been described as 'Have I Got News For You meets Twitter' and also 'Some sort of organised pisstake.'
    It's a superb opportunity to promote your writing career and have a laugh at the same time. By 2016, 'Runaview' will be one of the most visited websites in the UK, a hive of witty and satirical debate and an invaluable resource for all programmers and producers.
    So, if you want to be part of the Runaview 1000, just send a brief email expressing your interest to dominic.spencer@runaview.com.