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  • Most complicated contest ever?
    by Catkin at 02:26 on 10 July 2015
    The Bath Flash Fiction Award is a rolling competition that won't close until they get 1,000 entries, and has been going for six months with no end in sight, and no clue as to when that might come. It costs £9 to enter, but you can enter for only £4 if you become a member for £5, and this allows you to enter as many times as you want for £4 a time, but you have to remember that the membership only lasts three months. But if you don't want to pay £9 (or £5 and then £4 at some later stage, and then perhaps another £4 if you enter more than once) you can enter the weekly flash competition (which is free), for which you have to write a flash inspired by a prompt (that changes every week), and then if your flash is published (which not all of them are) the result is decided by public vote and the weekly winner ... gets to enter the other contest for free.

    I think. I may have got one or two of the details wrong.

    Sometimes, reading the terms and conditions of contests takes a mighty long time.
  • Re: Most complicated contest ever?
    by alexhazel at 16:21 on 12 July 2015
    From the sound of things, no one else can work it out, either. 1000 entries in 6 months doesn't sound like a lot, if the competition appears to be worth entering.

    Maybe someone should point out to them that their rules evidently aren't working?