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  • The Cats Of Moon Cottage - Marilyn Edwards. Illustrated by Peter Warner
    by Dee at 21:15 on 09 July 2007
    And thus began the beguiling of Septi

    Is a line that, for me, marked this as a ‘cat person’s author’.

    This is a revue of not one but four books, entitled respectively:
    The Cats Of Moon Cottage
    More Cat Tales From Moon Cottage
    The Cats On Hutton Roof
    The Coach House Cats

    Septi was an old timer long established as the solitary resident Moon Cottage cat until his owners decided to get a kitten. Marilyn Edwards, the author of these four books, documents the life of the newcomer, and later her kittens in a series of tales that will enchant any cat lover. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you weep. If you know cats, they’ll make you go ‘ah yes, I know, I know.'

    The story covers birth, death and a traumatic move to a new home. It speaks of the interaction between cats, the world they live in, and their relationships with the humans who share it with them. The illustrations are just to die for.

    If you like cats, you'll love these books. They're gorgeous little hardbacks at the moment, but hurry – they're about to be replaced by paperbacks.


    I was talking to Marilyn on the phone tonight and she’s thinking about joining WW… she’ll kill me if she sees this!



    revue??? da dada da da da...