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  • The Mammoth Book of Comic Quotes
    by SamMorris at 16:32 on 12 June 2005
    In a way this book, ‘does exactly what it says on the tin.’ It is weighty tome rammed full comic quotes from an eclectic selection of wits past and present. Some are laugh out loud funny, some sharp, some witty, and some even a little sad; reproduced as they are in the black of ink on the white of the paper.

    There are roughly eight-thousand quotes in total. Each one sorted neatly into hundreds of small sections. This means that the book not only good for idle flicking, but great if you need more specific inspiration. If you were looking for a quote on say: elevators, deceit or Michael Winner, to pick a few at random, then you would be likely to find something to fit your requirements. Or make you chuckle at the very least.

    I sure this book will be enormously helpful to the writer. If a writer needs nourishment so they can stir their minds, at the risk of pushing the euphemism a little too far, I found this book very tasty indeed (if a little papery and hard to swallow).