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Writers' Groups

Intensive Critique
28 members
Last activity: 1 hour ago

Children's and YA Writers' Group
24 members
Last activity: 2 hours ago

Flash Fiction full
31 members
Last activity: 5 hours ago

Fast First Draft
18 members
Last activity: 6 hours ago

Short Story Writers Group full
31 members
Last activity: 6 hours ago

Flash Poetry
18 members
Last activity: 7 hours ago

Women's Fiction
18 members
Last activity: 11 hours ago

Book Review Group
6 members
Last activity: 2 days ago

Poetry Writers Group
27 members
Last activity: 4 days ago

Non Fiction Articles
2 members
Last activity: 1 week ago

Commercial Short Story
11 members
Last activity: 2 weeks ago

Finding Your Feet
21 members
Last activity: 3 weeks ago

1 members
Last activity: 3 weeks ago

17 members
Last activity: 3 weeks ago

(Groups are closed and end up in the Groups Graveyard if there is no activity for a whole month.

My Groups

If you join any groups they will be listed here for convenience.

Proposed Groups

Members can create a proposal to set up their own group. If four other members like the idea and sign up, the group goes live.

EROTICA Flash Fiction and Short Story Challenge Group
Erotica Flash Fiction and Short Story Challenge Group for any subgenre of erotica - romance, thriller, horror, fantasy and science fiction, to name bu...more info

What are the WriteWords Writers' Groups ?
  • Our Online Writers' Groups are open to Full & Community Members, although part members may have one week's free trial.
  • Each group sets their own rules but usually consists of members who write in similar styles or have related interests.
  • Group work is often commented on by our Site Experts - successful writers, agents, poets, playwrights, scriptwriters and editors, all with a passion for writing and a track-record for providing helpful and constructive feedback.
  • Group members upload short examples of their work for other members and experts to make comments and suggestions.
  • Group work is not visible outside the group unless the author specifies that it may be.
  • Most groups have a volunteer 'host' who will welcome you into the group and generally encourage group activities.
  • The overall aim of the groups is to provide support, advice, stimulation and encouragment to members.

Before joining a group please be sure to read our terms of use.