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Writers' Groups

Children's and YA Writers' Group
39 members
Last activity: 8 hours ago

Poetry Writers Group
27 members
Last activity: 9 hours ago

Fast First Draft
27 members
Last activity: 9 hours ago

Flash Fiction
48 members
Last activity: 10 hours ago

Flash Poetry
24 members
Last activity: 11 hours ago

Women's Fiction
27 members
Last activity: 1 day ago

Intensive Critique
31 members
Last activity: 1 day ago

Short Story Writers Group
37 members
Last activity: 3 days ago

Poetry Seminar
8 members
Last activity: 1 week ago

Flash Fiction II
5 members
Last activity: 1 week ago

(Groups are closed and end up in the Groups Graveyard if there is no activity for a whole month.

My Groups

If you join any groups they will be listed here for convenience.

Proposed Groups

Members can create a proposal to set up their own group. If four other members like the idea and sign up, the group goes live.

Beta Readers
A group for people writing novels who need beta readers. Can be taken one chapter at a time and feedback provided....more info

What are the WriteWords Writers' Groups ?
  • Our Online Writers' Groups are open to Full & Community Members, although part members may have one week's free trial.
  • Each group sets their own rules but usually consists of members who write in similar styles or have related interests.
  • Group work is commented on by other members who provide helpful and constructive feedback.
  • Group members upload short examples of their work for other members and experts to make comments and suggestions.
  • Group work is not visible outside the group unless the author specifies that it may be.
  • Most groups have a volunteer 'host' who will welcome you into the group and generally encourage group activities.
  • The overall aim of the groups is to provide support, advice, stimulation and encouragment to members.

Before joining a group please be sure to read our terms of use.