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42nd Theatre Company Interview

Posted on 19 April 2012. © Copyright 2004-2022 WriteWords
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WriteWords talks to 42nd Theatre Company about their ethos, and what drives them

Tell us all about the company - history, ethos, aims, key people involved, etc.

The 42nd Theatre Company is a newly established professional theatre company committed to producing the highest quality of thought provoking new writing and reinvigorated versions of old classics.

Founded by Adam Bambrough in early 2012, we aim to bridge the gap between cinema and theatre, taking our productions to renowned venues throughout London and beyond.

Combining intellect and emotion, we want to produce work that is accessible and relatable to all, challenging our audiences to think and feel, and ensuring that our every performance lives long in the memory.

What excites you about a piece of writing?

To us, theatre is telling a tale and what excites us most about a piece of writing is the story and the characters.

We get an initial impression of these in the synopsis and the character breakdown. If the premise of the play is fresh and seems well thought out, it draws us in. If the characters seem interesting and relatable from the outset, we are further drawn in. The potential of the play excites us.

When reading the play for the first time, we look for a strong storyline, interesting dialogue and well - formed characters who an audience can relate to; whatever circumstances the characters may find themselves in.

We really love attention to detail in writing, the small touches that make a character, and we look for those special *moments* in a script.

Memorable characters playing out a compelling storyline against a fresh backdrop Ė if you can achieve that, then you are onto something!

And what makes your heart sink?

The opposites of above (i.e. an over Ė used or unimaginative premise, clunky dialogue and predictable characterisations). Those, plus bad spelling and a poor lay-out of the script!

Can you tell us what makes a pitch / covering letter / synopsis work best for you?

A synopsis works best for us if it paints a vague picture of the story that is to come, if it hints at the story ahead of us (if you will) and how the characters fall within that story, allowing our imaginations to flow, and preferably, all without giving away any plot twists or the ending!

We enjoy covering letters that tell us a little about the writer, previous successes (and failures even!) and how you came to write the piece you are submitting to us, where you drew your inspirations from, what areas you feel the play covers, what you are trying to achieve with the play and even where you wrote the play! Give your play some history, some background.

Question Five:
Specific Doís and Doníts for new writers?

Any advice that we can give is obviously subjective, but please do concentrate on those three corner stones of story, character and dialogue.

Do pay attention to detail and the small moments. They really can make a play.

Please donít pass up the opportunity to write, even if it is on the back of an envelope whilst sat on the tube (!) and do believe in yourself. Without writers, actors have no lines to speak, directors have no vision to impart and we have no theatre company!

A longer version of this interview is available to WriteWords Full and Community Members.
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